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Zora was the Horse Trader at Neuhof. She took over the business after the murder of her husband, Smil, and was also a trader and a trainer in Horsemanship.


Speech.png Charisma.png Strength.png
3 4 10


Henry meets Zora in The Hunt Begins, after her husband is murdered and many of her horses slaughtered during the attack on Neuhof. He embarks on a series of quest to find the culprits, in part because they might lead him to Runt.

She is a tough woman, determined to restore the stud farm to its former glory. In The Sport of Kings, she requests that Henry speak to Sir Divish on her behalf, as he has not purchased a horse from the farm in some time. Sir Divish later tells Henry that he is just not confident in the abilities of a woman to be a stablemaster. Luckily, Henry is able to convince Sir Divish to hold a horserace in order to demonstrate the quality of the Neuhof horses in the Talmberg Horse Race - although whether Divish is impressed enough to buy from Neuhof again is up to Henry.

As part of From the Ashes, Henry can visit Zora and ask about who might be interested in being the new groom at the Stables of Pribyslavitz. She will mention that the change might be good for Mark. You will still need to convince her to let him leave, which is especially easy if you won in The Sport of Kings. She clearly cares for the young man, agreeing to let him leave even though she knows it will make life at Neuhof harder, simply because it is the best thing for him.

She mentions that she has at least two daughters, presumed to be the village women who live near the main stables.