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Combat Master Vanyek or simply Vanyek is an itinerant combat master and a mercenary in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


In 1403, Vanyek stays in Silver Skalitz for a week, where he teaches whoever accepts his knowledge the basics of sword-fighting on his free time. Henry learns the basics from him when others like Pipek refuse to.

When Sigismund of Luxembourg and Markvart von Auliz attacked Skalitz, Vanyek managed to escape. He later joined the bandit army of Sir Istvan Toth in Vranik, teaching them swordsmanship.

Henry would encounter him again during The Die is Cast, while infiltrating the bandit camp as a spy. Vanyek vaguely recognizes the young man, and Henry can either prompt his memory or deny the two have ever met.




  • Vanyek is flagged as essential during Unexpected Visit, he cannot be harmed in any way. It is possible, however, to kill him when encountered later.
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