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Treasure maps are items in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. They can be read to determine the location of their related treasure chest. All treasure maps weight 0.1Weight kg.png and have a value of 100 Prague Groschen.

The treasure caches can be found and looted without having the respective map, i.e. they and their loot exists even if the player doesn't have the map. This is very relevant in the case of Ancient maps, which are only present in the game with Treasures of the Past DLC installed. The caches can still be found following instructions (or by accident), and the loot - with the exception with DLC specific items - will be there.

Note that in the Hardcore mode the chests of the non DLC Treasure maps will be missing the high end gear like the Augsburg plate chausses. You will still have access to the remaining contents of the chests though.

Ancient maps

Ancient maps
Icon Map name Map location Treasure area Loot
Map.png Ancient map I Henry's storage trunk with Treasures of the Past installed. Neuhof
Map.png Ancient map II Henry's storage trunk with Treasures of the Past installed. Vranik
Map.png Ancient map III Henry's storage trunk with Treasures of the Past installed. Uzhitz
Map.png Ancient map IV Henry's storage trunk with Treasures of the Past installed. Ledetchko
Map.png Ancient map V Henry's storage trunk with Treasures of the Past installed. Skalitz

Treasure maps

Treasure maps
Sort Map name Map location Treasure area Loot
1 Treasure map I In the rafters above the barn at the Budinsky Mill just to the east of Sasau.On the second floor of the barn, on top of the smallest barrel. Sasau Monastery
2 Treasure map II Stolen from Sasau Monastery (Prior's Bedroom). Sasau Monastery
3 Treasure map III Fresco Master

(All that Glisters)

Sasau Monastery
4 Treasure map IV Brother Nicodemus Ledetchko
5 Treasure map V Miller Woyzeck Ledetchko
6 Treasure map VI Wayfarer Ledetchko
7 Treasure map VII Library of Sasau Monastery (north area on stack of books). Ledetchko
8 Treasure map VIII In a windmill northwest of Uzhitz Ledetchko
9 Treasure map IX On a table in a charcoal-burner's hut northwest of Skalitz. Skalitz
10 Treasure map X Inn in the Glade, inside a small building in the northeast area. Ledetchko
11 Treasure map XI Votava Ledetchko
12 Treasure map XII Miller Peshek Rattay
13 Treasure map XIII Herbalist of Neuhof Rattay, Neuhof
14 Treasure map XIV Wayfarer Neuhof
15 Treasure map XV In the room of Tobias Feyfar in Rattay (top of bookshelf). Rattay, Neuhof
16 Treasure map XVI Herbalist of Samopesh Samopesh
17 Treasure map XVII Berthold Rovna
18 Treasure map XVIII Nicholas Talmberg
19 Treasure map XIX Wayfarer Sasau Monastery
20 Treasure map XX Charlatan Skalitz
21 Treasure map XXI In a small building to the southwest of Skalitz. Skalitz
22 Treasure map XXII Steal from the record room of the Rathaus in Rattay. Vranik
23 Treasure map XXIII In the attic of the farm where the waldensians live south of Uzhitz. Skalitz
24 Treasure map XXIV Wayfarer Skalitz
25 Treasure map XXV In the cellar of the inn east of Rattay Skalitz