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Treasure map I is a treasure map in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Map Location

In the rafters above the barn at the Budinsky Mill just to the east of Sasau. On the second floor of the barn, on top of the smallest barrel.


The chest is locked, you are going to need some lockpicks and a lockpicking skill level of at least 4 to unlock it.

Treasure Location

Treasure map I shows the Monastery and an area of interest located north in a wooded area between two roads.

Find the site by taking the road that leads west and curves north. Once you see some trees to your right, stop and head east until you find two abandoned houses.

Explore the houses to find a ladder that leads into a cave. Climb down and crouch to head deeper inside. You'll find a corpse and a locked treasure chest.



  • This treasure chest is marked on the map as a cave, as an interesting site and as an accident.
  • There are a few boletus edulis around the ruined houses and 4 cave mushrooms inside the cave.