Tobias Feyfar was the master builder and chief engineer of Silver Skalitz, in charge of the local silver mines.


Speech Charisma Strength
1 15 5


In 1403, he was haggling with Havel over a large purchase of charcoal, in order to smelt the ore, and the two discussed the recent conflict between Sigismund and Wenceslas. Tobias was fiercely loyal to his liege Lord, Sir Radzig, to whom the silver belonged. What Radzig did with the silver did not interest Tobias, who simply wanted the conflict to be over.

After they had concluded their negotiations, the two decided to head over to the tavern to celebrate the transaction, which is where they could be found when Sigismund attacked Skalitz with his Cuman army.

Fortunately, Tobias managed to survive the attack and fled with Sir Radzig to Rattay, where Lord Hanush of Leipa gave them Pirkstein Castle as a temporary shelter. As a member of the wealthier burgher class, Tobias - unlike the common folk who had to set up refugee camp - was given a room in the castle to himself. During his time in Rattay, he could be found on the far left room on the first storey.

After the events of Baptism of Fire, Tobias was given the task of assessing the worth of a chest of coins recovered after the battle. Unfortunately, he determines that they are well-made forgeries. While this is infuriating for Sir Hanush, Sir Radzig is able to deduce that whoever is funding the bandits with the fake coin must have access to a forge, skilled craftsmen, and a source of materials - an important clue in finding whoever is behind the attacks.

Tobias reports the forgery

Tobias reports that the coins are forged.

Henry will also need to deliver Ulrich's documents to Tobias in All that Glistens, and the engineer will be able to work out that the forgeries use silver amalgam to plate copper coins, meaning they require a large quantity of copper, someone skilled to work it, and a supply of quicksilver.

Although Tobias doesn't recognize Ulrich from Henry's description, but he does recognize the writer of Ulrich's documents as Sir Clement of Kaplitz, head scribe of the Rosenbergs.

Sir Radzig would ask Henry to speak to Tobias in The King's Silver, in order to investigate the Skalitz silver mines and determine if there has been any recent activity. Large quantities of silver have turned up recently, and the most likely source is the abandoned mines. Henry is later able to return and confirm that the silver was being mined by Nemoy and his team, who he drove off, and that the mines themselves might be repairable.