The Trials of a Novice is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. While investigating the forbidden drinking in the monastery cellars during Nasty Habits, Henry will learn that the Circators have been doing something to Lucas.


Novice Lucas has asked me to help solve his problems with the Brother Circators. They've been picking on him and making his life a misery.


  • Make the Circators stop their cruelty to Novice Lucas.
    • Go back to Lucas and tell him his trials are over


After finding out that the Circators have been tormenting Lucas, go and speak to your fellow novice. He'll tell you that he also found out about the drinking, and threatened to tell the Prior, so the Circators have begun locking him in solitary confinement for every minor infraction.

Go find Lucas and tell him what you know. After promising the novice that you'll do something about the bullying, you have several options. First, go and tell the Prior about the drinking, but you'll fail Nasty Habits. The better option is to confront either Circator John or Circator Stibor and use a speech check to convince them to stop.

Circator's Stats

Circator John Circator Stibor
Speech Charisma Strength Speech Charisma Strength
12 4 7 7 2 12
Return to Lucas and tell him you got the Circators to back off. Now he knows he can trust you, he will reveal some important information that will help you narrow down who Pious is as part of A Needle in a Haystack.

You can also report the mistreatment of the novice to Brother Nevlas as part of In the Cloister.