Taverns, Inns and Innkeepers is a society codex entry in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Both inns and taverns are run by innkeepers, often with the assistance of their alemaids (presumed to be their wives or daughters), and can be useful as trade locations and to refill your Energy. In addition, Inns allow Henry to temporarily rent a room (usually for 2 Prague Groschen a night) or to purchase permanent lodgings, which will enable you to save your game anytime you sleep there.

The Rattay Mill also functions as a lodgings for Henry, as well as a bed off the courtyard in Talmberg castle: you can sleep and save in these places.

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The Czech word for tavern, 'hospoda' may originate from the Latin 'hospes' — guest, 'hospitium' — hospitality, shelter, though the more likely etymology is from the old Slavonic 'gospod, gospodia' — the Master of the House.

Alehouses were an integral part of all medieval villages. Originally, beer was drawn in what was called the 'maashouse' an area on the ground floor of a townhouse whose owner had brewing rights, while special-purpose taverns and inns came along later. These served as places for social events, meetings, trading and lodgings. Some inns had rooms for overnight guests and special stables and spaces for carriages — these were called wagoners' inns and were located out of town at crossroads and along trade routes. The seating was more often outdoors than indoors.

It was said of Wenceslas IV that he was fond of visiting taverns and alehouses to eavesdrop on what the locals had to say about him and to check that the owners were complying with his edicts.

In the Middle Ages, no one took exception to alcohol. The Germans, Russians and Czechs, in particular, were Europe's fabled drinkers. There was a formal curfew at dusk, or when the night watchman began his rounds, although drinking and feasting often went on until the early morning hours.

In KCD we have tried to keep the image of medieval taverns faithful to surviving records.

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Notable Inns, Taverns, Innkeepers and Alehouse maids
Location Name Innkeeper Alemaid
Inn in the Glade Inn in the Glade Andrew Alemaid
Ledetchko Inn of Ledetchko Innkeeper Alemaid
Rattay (east) Tavern by the Gate Innkeeper Alemaid
Rattay (west) Traders' Tavern Innkeeper Alemaid
Rattay (outer) Broken Wheel Tavern Innkeeper Alemaid
Samopesh Tavern of Samopesh Innkeeper Alemaid
Sasau Tavern on the Green Innkeeper Alemaid
Sasau Monastery Sasau Wagoners' Inn Innkeeper Alemaid
Skalitz Tavern of Silver Skalitz Bianca's father Bianca
Talmberg Inn of Talmberg Innkeeper Alemaid
Uzhitz Inn of Uzhitz Innkeeper Alemaid
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