Stealth is a non-combat skill in Kingdom Come: Deliverance that allows players to avoid detection by lowering the visibility of the player.


Stealth skill shortens the distance at which you will be seen by the enemy and increased the time it will take for them to spot you. It is improved by moving stealthily in the vicinity of the enemy.

New perk points unlock at levels: 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20.

Stealth Perks

Icon Name Requirement Effect
Kcd takedown perk icon.png Takedown Stealth 3 Let's you knock people out from a crouching position.
Kcd daring debonair perk icon.png Daring Debonair Stealth 3 After committing a crime, you get a +1 bonus to Strength and Vitality until you're caught or leave the scene of the crime.
Kcd rain man perk icon.png Rain Man Stealth 3 You move almost silently in the rain. The noise of your footsteps is reduced by 70%.
Kcd crouching chameleon perk icon.png Crouching Chameleon Stealth 5 When crouching without movement you get a 30% Stealth bonus.
Kcd stealth kill perk icon.png Stealth Kill Stealth 5 Allows you to kill from stealth. You have to have a dagger.
Kcd ordinary mug perk icon.png Ordinary Mug Stealth 8 When you're wanted, people are less likely to recognise your face and soon stop looking for you.
Kcd slim fit perk icon.png Slim Fit Stealth 8 Lowers the noise of armour and other equipment by 20%.
Kcd dog person perk icon.png Dog Person Stealth 10 Dogs won't bark at you.
Kcd et tu brute perk icon.png Et Tu, Brute Stealth 10 Your attacks from behind will be one third stronger.

Codex tutorial icon.png Tutorial

Note:This information is from the in-game tutorial.

In these harsh times, people are wary of anything out of the ordinary. If you step inside someone's house uninvited, for example, they will first warn you that you've no business there, but if you do anything untoward there, they will immediately call for a guard.

You'd better not get caught at all in sensitive places like the armoury or some noble's chambers. If that happens, there'll be no warning at all and the catchpoles will immediately try to place you under arrest. Only, sometimes you will need to sneak into such places unobserved, or while avoiding conflict. For that, you will need the skill of Stealth.

Skill alone won't make you invisible, though. If you stand out like a sore thumb, or rattle like a tinker's wagon, you're bound to get caught. You have to take care that no one sees or hears you. To stay out of sight, it helps to crouch But that in itself is not enough. Crouching in the middle of the town square in broad daylight is more likely to attract attention than to avoid it!

To make yourself less noticeable, you should choose appropriate clothing for the situation. Black clothing at night will make you less visible, but in broad daylight will more likely attract suspicion. And of course you don't want to be heard either. The right footwear will dampen the sound of your footsteps even on a noisy surface, and the less metal elements you have in your attire, the less you will jingle. It's also important to avoid noisy actions, such as breaking a lockpick or setting a dog barking.

Your chances of successful stealth can be assessed from the stats Visibility, Conspicuousness and Noise, which depend on the properties of the individual items of your attire - the lower the value, the better. You'll find these in the table beneath the figure of Henry. There's more than one way to skin a cat, of course. If you can get hold of the outfit of a particular faction, you can skip the stealth altogether and walk boldly into places where you would otherwise be very unwelcome.

The more items of the other faction's attire you have on you, the more inconspicuous you'Il be. The most convincing garments are ones that stand out, such as a tabard or waffenrock, and helmets that cover your face.

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