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The Stables can be built during the reconstruction of Pribyslavitz during the DLC From the Ashes. They should be left until the town is a bit more developed, as they don't earn a high income compared to the upfront cost.

Your stablemaster (or his replacement) will live here, as well as the three horses available for purchase - Agro, Shadowmere, and Shadowfax. Once you purchase some saddler's equipment, the Saddler will also sell you horse tack.


Owning stables is a privilege enjoyed by very few. The head grooms manage them for their leige lords and have a great responsibility in handling their valuable mounts, for which they deserve recognition.


Henry can purchase the following upgrade for 2000 Prague Groschen:


Benefits from:


Skilled Labourers

Having skilled laborers will increase the profitability of the stables.