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Character Skills are a tutorial codex entry in in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Codex Entry

Note: This information is from the in-game tutorial.

As well as character stats, you can improve your skills. This is done by using them repeatedly and there is nothing to stop you developing them to the maximum. You will find them in the Player tab (P). Your Combat skills are shown in a separate tab and all the others in the Skills tab.

After your third level up of each Skill, you will be given the option to choose a Perk that in some way improves or alters the use of the given skill.

Combat Skills


Main article: Warfare

Warfare is a measure of your combat proficiency. Increasing this skill increases the player's overall proficiency in fights with all weapons or unarmed.


Main article: Defense

Defense makes players more difficult to wound, and better at using shields, or parrying with a weapon.


Main article: Axe

Axe makes players more proficient with an axe, effectively increasing their weapon stats when they equip an axe.


Main article: Bow

Bow makes players more proficient with a bow and arrow, effectively increasing their weapon stats when they equip a bow.


Main article: Mace

Mace makes players more proficient with maces, effectively increasing their weapon stats when they equip a mace.


Main article: Sword

Sword makes players more proficient with swords, effectively increasing their weapon stats when they equip a sword.


Main article: Unarmed

Unarmed makes players more proficient in fighting with their fists, increasing the damage they cause.

Non-Combat Skills


Main article: Alchemy

Alchemy is a skill used to create potions and remedies from herbs and additional ingredients. To create these, players will need to have the correct recipes, ingredients, and access to the alchemist's bench.


Main article: Drinking

Players with a high drinking level will be more resistant to the affects of Drunkenness caused by the consumption of alcohol.


Main article: Herbalism

Players with a high herbalism skill will be able to collect herbs faster and more easily. Herbs are used in Alchemy to craft potions, through the use of an Alchemist's bench. Allows the player to gather more herbs in a single attempt.


Main article: Horsemanship

Horsemanship allows players with a high skill to control their horse better, and increase the stats of their horse.


Main article: Hunting

Hunting allows players with a high level in this skill to collect more meat and other useful materials from animals that they have killed.


Main article: Lockpicking

Lockpicking allows players to break into locked buildings or containers that are meant to keep them out.


Main article: Maintenance

Maintenance allows you to repair items with repair kits and weapons at a grindstone. The higher your skill level, the easier it is to use the grindstone and the longer your repair kit will last.


Main article: Pickpocketing (skill)

Pickpocketing allows the player to steal items from unsuspecting victims. Increasing this skill will lower the chance of getting caught which could result in going to jail and/or paying a fine.


Main article: Reading

Reading' is learned after completing Mightier than the Sword. Increasing this skill makes reading easier and faster.


Main article: Stealth

Stealth is a skill that allows players to avoid detection by lowering the visibility of the player.