Side Quests are optional quests in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. They can be useful in unraveling the lore, earning rewards, increasing reputation, and gaining experience. However most of them do not factor into the main story-line.

There are 54 Side Quests in the vanilla game. The DLC From the Ashes adds another three, as does The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon, bringing the total potential side quests to 60. For more information on each side quest, click the name.

See also Main Quests, Activities, Unimplemented Quests, and Lost and Found.

Side Quests
Side Quest Description

...Is a Friend Indeed

I got Fritz and Matthew a new job at a mill. Now it's time to find out how they're getting on.

A Bird in the Hand...

Three of the Rattay Huntsman's precious nightingales have flown off into the woods somewher. I'm not exactly an ardent ornithologist - I'm more used to chasing bandits and thieves in the woods. But variety is the spice of life...

A Costly Brawl

The monastery wants Fritz and Matthew to pay for treatment? That doesn't seem right to me.

A Friend In Need...

I met my old mates Fritz and Matthew. And as usual they're in a pickle.

A Man of the Cloth

The hamlet of Rovna is deserted - that is, but for one sole farmer. The others were either killed by Sigismund's marauders or fled to Rattay. St James' Church is also abandoned, and until they have a spiritual shepherd to reassure them, the surviving villagers wont be returning.
A Place to Call Home From the Ashes. In reward for my services, Sir Divish appointed me Bailiff of Pribyslavitz. It's a great honour, but for now I'm only in charge of some ruins, so I'll have to rebuild the place into a thriving hamlet.

A Rock and a Hard Place

Matthew and Fritz want to raid the quarry in Talmberg. It looks dangerous, but if we´re successful we´ll be rich.


The Rattay Bailiff has work to offer some of the Skalitz refugees - carrying water and emptying latrines. He wants me to find out which of them are most needy and suitable for the job.

At Your Service, My Lady

Stephanie from Talmberg wants an unforgettable wedding for her cousin Sophie.
Besmirched Someone was snooping around the ruins of Skalitz, looting whatever they could find of value. Someone ought to look into it. And of course stealing from a thief is no great sin...
Capon's Champion Sir Hans wants me to enrol in the Rattay Tourney.
Cherchez la Femme I promised Hanekin Hare I'd help him. This aristocrat, outlaw and poacher hasn't had the last word yet. I don't know what he has in mind, but I expect the Master Huntsman and his wife will play leading roles in his plan.

Clothes Make the Man

Sir Hanush has sent for me and Lord Capon. As Sir Hans' page, I should dress as well as I can for an audience like that. Fortunately, he was kind enough to let me have some of his cast-offs, which are still finer than anything I've ever worn.


Theresa, Miller Peshek's niece, is a good friend of mine from Skalitz. I've known her since we were children, and we've been through a lot together.

Damsel in Distress

Every little boy dreams of becoming a knight in shining armour and rescuing a princess from a tower. I never thought that dream would come true for me ... well, sort of. I'm not a knight, it's not a princess I have to rescue, but a bathhouse wench, and she's not locked away in a tower, but on top of a hill.
Dead Men Tell No Tales Svatopluk, the Samopesh blacksmith's son, died under very suspicious circumstances after winning the Rattay Tourney some years ago.

Emergency Supply

Hanekin Hare's band of poachers isn't as merry as it was. They were attacked by the Talmberg soldiers and Hanekin had to hide out in a mine shaft with a handful of his faithful followers. But one of them, Black Lukesh, has lost the faith and plans to desert Hare. He doesn't want to go empty-handed though, especially since he has something put away for a rainy day at his house. Only his house is being watched by soldiers.

Gallows Brothers

All my life I´ve been asking myself one thing: "Who to pin the blame on?".
Game of Throws The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon. The bold Sir Hans Capon inherited a lovely necklace from his

great-grandmother... which he lost at dice. And now he wants it back again. That sounds simple enough... right?

Hare Hunt

The Talmberg Huntsman Nicholas Angel asked me to help him track down some poachers who've been plundering the Talmberg woods recently.
Honeyed Words The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon. Young Lord Capon is in love. Again! And again he wants me to help him win the heart of the maiden in question.

In God's Hands

I met Johanka a the monastery, and it looks like she's having trouble.

In the Cloister

My name is Brother Gregor and I'm a monk in Sasau monastery. What would Pa have said about that? Most likely he'd piss himself laughing...God rest his soul. Anyway, in order to not draw attention to myself, I must dress like a monk, speak like a monk, and behave like a monk.

Last Will and Testament

Everyone deals with the approach of death in their own way. Some look for God's forgiveness, others try to do right by their loved ones, others to set their wordly affairs in order.

Libri Prohibiti

In the monastery library there is a cabinet containing forbidden books, locked away from prying eyes. And among them is the very book that Brother Nevlas thinks could cure the ailing Abbot Peter. Why should such a book be banned? Well, the medicinal arts are not always compatible with the Divine Plane, besides which, the author was an infidel!
Lost in the Woods From the Ashes. There's been talk that Sir Divish has grand plans for the ruined village of Pribyslavitz now the bandits have been driven out. And his plans started to involve me when he send me on a quest to find a missing man he'd sent there.

Lost in Translation

Some millhands in Budin have captured a Cuman raider. From what I've heard, none of them knows quite qhat to do with the captive.


Fritz and Matthew have hatched a plan, which usually means lots of fun... and lots of mischief. 

Mightier than the Sword

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Maybe it's time I learned to read.

Miracles While You Wait

On my travels I've met all sorts of peculiar folk, but none to compare with the Sasau charlatan. Magic of all colours and shades, relics, elixirs and talismans - all these miraculous things you can get from him. At a price. Naturally, like all trades, he has to stock up now and again, and that, it seems, is where I come in.

Money for Old Rope

There's to be an execution in Rattay - without Hermann, the Rattay Executioner.

Nasty Habits

Someone is sneaking into the cellars at night to drink wine. I'm pretty sure that's against the monastery rules!

New Herbarium

Brother Nicodemus asked me to help him with putting together a new herbarium.

Next to Godliness

In which I go to the baths to see Lord Capon, and what befalls us there.


The hamlet of Merhojed has been stricken by a mysterious scourge that first infected the animals and now the villagers.

Playing with the Devil

Three village wenches in Uzhitz want to use a magic ointment, risking their lives and immortal souls.


Master Armouer Ota Rabstein refuses to sell his forge to the Sasau blacksmith, Zach. Zach's so furious that he decides to humiliate Ota in front of the whole town. If he can't have Ota's forge, he'll at least take his customers.

Restless Spirit

The herb woman asked me to help Drahomia, the butcher woman from Ledetchko who is at her wits' end. She claims the ghost of her dead neighbour has been haunting her at night and she can't get a wink of sleep.

Robber Baron

It´s not unusual for family quarrels to get blown out of proportion, though they usually end with nothing worse than bruised feelings. Not so in the case of Captain Bernard´s kin! Two of his cousins are feuding so fiercely that one is lying seriously wounded in Rattay and the other is pillaging farms around Neuhof with his band of renegades. Sir Hanush has sent me and Lord Capon on a punitive expedition to deal with the robber baron. Captain Bernard will naturally be leading the corps himself.


Saintly Remains

Urban wants to touch a relic of Saint Procopius for good luck. He asks you to bring something from the cave beneath the monastery.

Scattered Pages

It seems someone tore pages from an old book and hid them around the monastery. We a [sic] little effort, it should be possible to put it all back together.


There's talk that there's still treasure to be found in Skalitz...

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

They say forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, and that goes double for poached game. Maybe that's one of the reasons I'm tempted to join the gang of poachers that's hiding out in the Talmberg woods. On the other hand, I might just want to infiltrate them to find out what they're really up to.
Supplies From the Ashes. Lots of raw materials and other supplies will be needed to rebuilt the village of Pribyslavitz.

Talmberg Horse Race

The glorious Talmberg Ribbon Race.

The Abbot's List

In the Abbot's study, now serving as the Prior's chambers, there should be documents with information about the other novices that might offer leads in the search for Pious.

The Good Thief

Miller Pesek and his niece, Theresa, took care of me while I was at death's door. I owe them my life.

The Horse That Bolted

The Uzhitz stables have lost a horse. More precisely their fastest stallion, Pie, har run off. The Head Groom asked me to find Pie and bring him back to the stables.

The House of God

There's been an accident at the Sasau Monastery construction works due to bad quality stone. The Talmberg Quarry Master is worried the affair will damage his good name.

The King's Silver

The Skalitz mineworks are standing idle, still damaged by the Cuman raid. It's time to assess the state they're in and start the job of getting them back up and running, if possible.

The Sport of Kings

The Lord of Talmberg has stopped buying his horses from the Neuhof stud farm. Coming in the wake of the recent brutal raid on the farm, during which several horses were slaughtered, this is a severe blow for Widow Zora, who lost her husband, Smil the chief groom, in the attack and is struggling to keep the stud running. She has asked me if I would put in a word for her with Sir Divish of Talmberg.

The Trials of a Novice

Novice Lucas has asked me to help solve his problems with the Brother Circators. They've been picking on him and making his life a misery.

Tough Love

Herman the Executioner is trying to help the widow Elishka. Only living with an executioner brings all sorts of problems.

Tricks of the Trade

There's talk that the Sasau blacksmith uses magic charms when tempering steel and his counterpart in Ledetchko would like to know if there’s any truth in it.


Uzhitz has an uninvited guest - the Archbishop’s Vicar. He claims to be here to hunt down a group of heretics in the area. But Sir Hanush is of a different opinion. He thinks the Vicar has come here in order to snoop, and wants to see him off back to Prague.


Brother Nicodemus asked me to weed his patch.

Worldly Goods

I found an interesting secret stash in the Monastery.