Scavenger is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Kunesh has heard a rumor about some treasure hidden in Skalitz.

You will need a spade.


There's talk that there's still treasure to be found in Skalitz...


  • Find the treasure under the dove-cote.


In Rattay, Kunesh has survived the attack on Rattay and been forced to beg. Henry will go to talk to him about the debt he owed Martin, which was never paid. Kunesh, penniless and as bad tempered as ever, might need some 'reminding' to get him to admit that he now, according to the law, owes Henry.

Kunesh's Stats

Speech Charisma Strength
11 4/5 4/6
As he doesn't have any money himself, he offers to instead give you information if you'll forgive his debt. Apparently, there is talk that someone hide their treasure under a dove-cot (a building for raising birds such as pigeons or doves) at Skalitz. Ask around the refugee camp to find that the stash belongs to Beran and his wife.

Beran's Stats

Scavenger help map

The location of the correct dove-cote.

Speech Charisma Strength
11 4/5 4/6
Convince him to tell you more, and he'll promise to reward you if you can get his treasure back.

You will need a spade to dig up the loot. Return to Skalitz and follow the map marker to find the dovecot, then start digging. There, you will find Beran has buried 50 Prague Groschen and an expensive cup, which is worth 200 Prague Groschen. Take it back to Rattay.

There, you have a few options. Firstly, you can sell the cup and keep the groschen. Nobody will know, and the quest completes as soon as you find the stash.

Secondly, take it to Beran's wife. She will ask about the groschen you found, and you can either give it to her and lie and say you only found the cup. Go visit Beren afterwards, who is horrified that you gave his cup to his shrew of a wife. However, he will still reward you with 20Prague Groschen.

Digging up the treasure

Digging up the cup

Alternatively, take the cup straight to Beran. He'll ask about the groschen, but whether he believes your lie or not, he won't pay you if he doesn't get it. But if you feel comfortable with stealing from a beggar, you get to keep the money you found instead.

Beran's Stats

Speech Charisma Strength
3 2 6
If you give him the cup and the money, you'll have the chance to tell him that Kunesh wanted to steal the money, though it's not know whether creating conflict will have any long-term ramifications. In any case, you'll get your 20Prague Groschen reward.

Finally, go back to Kunesh and tell him the treasure belonged to Beran. Then, either forgive his debt, or tell him he still owes you. However, he doesn't have any money, so don't expect to make much.