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Sabre is type of weapon in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. They are lighter than the longsword although not uncommonly a similar length. The blades are thinner, sharpened on one side only and are often slightly curved. They are carried in Henry's main hand.

The sabres are used by the Cumans, and they are the main "source" of sabres.


  • Unfortunately, out of all other one-handed swords, the Sabres are incredibly underpowered, as they are outshined by hunting swords, and vastly outshined by shortswords.
  • The only true advantage is that they are indeed plentiful amongst the Cumans.
  • The true problem with this weapon class is that only the Nicopolis sabre, the hungarian sabre, and the common sabre (in other words, the weakest of the list below) are the only sabres you can realistically find in the game.
    • The rider's sabre is a guaranteed drop from a single enemy at the beginning of the game, but is almost impossible to obtain because it is at a time that Henry can't fend for himself against experienced opponents, let alone a wave of them. It also is rumoured to be a very rare drop from random Cumans.
    • The oriental blade is cut content.
    • Only the decorated sabre, a unique item - found only once you are halfway through the campaign - can even begin to compete with the upper tiers of one-handed swords, despite being indeed better than most hunting swords, it lacks proclivity for blunt damage, and is outclassed by many of the upper class shortswords in almost all ways.


Image Name Min. Agility stabStab slashSlash bluntBlunt Defence Char. Dur. Weight kg dk.png Prague Groschen
Common sabre-icon.png Common sabre 7 31 42 2 53 6 50 4 187.4
Decorated sabre.png Decorated sabre 12 42 58 2 69 10 65 3.3 506.3
Hungarian sabre-icon.png Hungarian sabre 9 32 43 2 58 7 55 3.8 238
Nicopolis saber-icon.png Nicopolis sabre 6 30 30 2 43 4 23 4.3 30.2
Oriental blade.png Oriental blade (unobtainable) 13 48 60 2 86 12 53 3 576.1
Rider's sabre.png Rider's sabre 10 34 49 2 64 7 75 3.5 511.9