Robber Baron is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, given by Sir Hanush after the side quest Clothes Make the Man, in an attempt to teach Henry and Hans a bit of responsibility.


It´s not unusual for family quarrels to get blown out of proportion, though they usually end with nothing worse than bruised feelings. Not so in the case of Captain Bernard´s kin! Two of his cousins are feuding so fiercely that one is lying seriously wounded in Rattay and the other is pillaging farms around Neuhof with his band of renegades. Sir Hanush has sent me and Lord Capon on a punitive expedition to deal with the robber baron. Captain Bernard will naturally be leading the corps himself.


  • (Optional) Go to Bernard and join the squad.
  • Quest Marker A(Optional) Meet up with the corps in the camp.
  • Quest Marker A Talk to Captain Bernard.
  • () Find Wolflin´s encampment.
  • Quest Marker AScout out the south farm
    • Quest Marker C (Optional) Bring the farmer's wife at least three bandages for her husband (0/3)
    • Quest Marker A Follow the trail of blood
  • Quest Marker BScout out the northern farm.
  • Quest Marker A(Optional) Report the position of the encampment to Sir Bernard
  • Quest Marker ATry to parley. Put on Sir Bernard's colors and go unarmed.
  • () Follow the guard into the camp
  • Quest Marker A Go back and report to Captain Bernard.
  • Quest Marker AGo back to Rattay and report to Sir Hanush.


After Hans and Henry are chewed out by Sir Hanush during Clothes Make the Man, he tells them that Sir Milota of Oleshna, a distant cousin of Sir Bernard's, recently arrived in Rattay, seriously wounded, after his fortress was attacked by Wolflin of Kamberg, another cousin. Milota pursued him as far as Neuhof but was badly beaten. As the skirmish took place in Hanush's territory, and Wolfin is still pillaging the countryside, Hanush is determined that he be stopped - without bloodshed. Hans is gleeful at the chance to prove himself to his uncle by ridding the land of bandits. If you plan on negotiating, keep your new noble clothes on - they'll come in handy boosting your stats.

Along the way, Bernard and Hans discuss his Kamberg relatives, and the rumours of a curse that plague the family - Wolfin is even said to be the spawn of the Devil himself. Suddenly, Bernard pulls up the party, having spotted two of his scouts, hung from a tree. They continue on to their camp, where Bernard asks Henry to investigate two nearby farms where Wolfin was spotted, and gives some more information about his cursed kin.

There are two farms to visit - one to the north, and one to the south. Either one will lead to you learning the location of the Bandit camp.

The farmer of the Northern farm originally claims that Wolfin hasn't been at there, but Henry is suspicious of their behavior. Meanwhile, his wife tells Henry that two or three men came, and her husband made her hide inside while he spoke with them. Henry is suspicious and tries to convince her to tell him the truth. Eventually she caves, or else speak to the farmer again to catch him in the lie. She reveals that they came to the farm and stole some food, and she offered them medical assistance to appease them. Henry can then insist that she lead him to the camp.

Wife's Stats

Speech Charisma Strength
12 10 5

Alternatively, head to the southern farm, where the farmer, Lumir, is lying unconscious and badly beaten. The farmer's wife will tell who will tell Henry that her husband ran after the bandits, catching one of them with his sickle along the way. First, ask about the bandits (if you ask after then the dialogue is incomplete). Then, if you want, give the woman 3 bandages, and she will offer you 325 Prague Groschen (she will insist you take it anyway so might as well at least pretend to be noble and decline). Follow the small track north, where you will see splashes of blood along the path, until you come to a small tent, with a blood-soaked garment lying on a fallen white tree behind it. Follow the path north-east, noticing the bloody hand-prints on a white tree and several more puddles of blood or bloodied clothing, as the path curves north and you get to a creek. There, you will find Wolfin’s camp.

Once you have located the camp, go back to Sir Bernard and report what you have found. There are nearly a dozen bandits, so you'll have a hard time taking them out yourself - but if you do, Bernard will be agast that you went into the camp alone, but Hanush will be pleased that the issue has been resolved.

Back at the camp, Bernard is waiting with reinforcements and decides it would be best if Wolfin was caught and hung. Henry can either agree to attack the camp, or else convince Bernard to negotiate.

Bernard's Stats

Speech Charisma Strength
6 8 21

If Henry is able to convince Bernard to allow him to parley, Bernard will give him a Oleshnitz waffenrock so that Wolfin will know Henry is representing Bernard. Leave your weapons at camp but wear whatever clothes you need to boost your stats, as Wolfin is hard to negotiate with. Walk into the camp and allow yourself to be escorted to Wolfin, who recognizes your colours and asks what his cousin has to say.

You may want to take this opportunity to speak to Wolfin about why he is attacking his Oleshna kin, and Wolfin has a very different story to tell than Sir Bernard. Nevertheless, he cannot be allowed to go free without returning what was stolen. Henry has four propositions to present to Wolfin (who is hard to beat, so might want to take a Bard potion or Amor potion before you start negotiating.)

  • You can go if you leave the loot. If successful, Wolfin will agree to leave the loot.
  • You can go if you leave the loot and pay compensation. If successful, Wolfin will agree to leave the loot and 60 Prague Groschen. Bernard will be a little disappointed to be denied his revenge on his shameful cousin, but Hanush will be very pleased, and reward Henry with a Magdeburg cuirass.
  • You can leave with your loot.
    • Henry can sweeten the deal by offering Wolfin some Groschen if he leaves peacefully. If the negotiation is successful, Wolfin will send Henry back to Bernard unharmed, but take the loot with him.
  • We'll settle it with a duel. To the death. Wolfin notes that if Henry wins, his men will leave the loot and go home, but questions what Bernard will do if Henry loses. Henry points out that at least Wolfin wont lose his honour by refusing an honourable duel, and Wolfin agrees to fight. After you kill Wolfin the whole camp attacks you seemingly disregarding Wolfin's earlier promises, so you will likely have to flee. Bernard doesn't like that you disobeyed him and orders his men to hunt down the remaining bandits. Hanush on the other hand is pleased, commends you on your courage, and rewards you with a Magdeburg cuirass.

Wolfin's Stats

Speech Charisma Strength
14 16 17

Alternatively, if you decide to attack the camp, a tip is to keep to the left side of the fight taking out the archers, this will decrease the difficulty of the fight if your skills are low. After killing Wolflin, loot the bandits at the camp, this will earn you over 1k Groschen.