Revenge of the Cuman King is an activity in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

You should wear all your armour, and bring a horse with a good pack. Each round costs 100 Prague Groschen to enter, and you might want to bring any potions to help you in a brawl.


There's two strange men in Skalitz - one claims to be the spokesman for the Cuman king and that the second is allegedly His Majesty, although he doesn't look too regal...


  • Prove yourself by beating Asch [sic]
    • Prove yourself by beating Asch!
      • Beat the King of the Cumans
        • You won! You beat the King of the Cumans!
          • Get your coin from the spokesman!
            • Sort out the Cuman man to man!


Travel to Skalitz to find four Cumans (at least they're dressed like Cumans). Their spokesman, Odd Bird, claims that one of the fighters is the Cuman King, who merely dresses like a common solider to indulge in his passion for fistfights. If you can prove your skills by fighting his two bodyguards, Rakuv Lam and Gul Asch (yes, really), you will be given the honour of fighting His Majesty

The entry fee is 100Prague Groschen, so pay it, and beat Rakuv Lam. Once you have knocked him unconscious, and gotten your 200Prague Groschen prize, be sure to strip him of all his armour and store it with your horse - it'll make things easier in a minute. Repeat the process with Gul Asch, then the King himself.

However, once you have beaten the King, and go to collect your coin from Odd Bird, he will refuse to give it to you, and threaten to attack you if you don't leave. Challenge him and defeat all four brawlers at once - this is alot easier if you stripped them of their armour beforehand.

Don't use any weapons, or you won't complete the quest properly.


  • If you speak to Odd Bird but do not accept his challenge the first time, the quest will not show up in your quest log, although you can still complete it manually
  • The quest log mistakenly identifies Asch as the first opponent, when you actually are expected to best Lam first.
  • Looting the Cumans is the only way to obtain some books, so don't forget to collect them.
  • This quest is very buggy. Often you will complete one round and be unable to speak to Odd Bird to begin the second. It appears the only way to circumvent this is to refuse to fight the first time you speak to Odd Bird, which won't trigger the quest but which will allow you to fight.