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The Rattay Tourney is an activity in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and is intertwined with Dead Men Tell No Tales, Capon's Champion and Who Do You Like.

For the codex tutorial, see Rattay Tournament.

You'll need to pay 60 Prague Groschen to enroll in the tourney. This is quite a difficult competition as you'll need to compete with several different weapons, and very strong opponents, so consider training before enrolling.


The glorious Rattay Tournament convened by Sir Hanush.


  • There will be a tournament in Rattay tomorrow. You can enroll by going to see the herald in the morning.
    • Take part in the tournament.
      • Go for your prize.


You can compete in the Tourney every week, as long as you speak to the Herald the right day before 3PM, or alternatively, you can wait for one the related quests to send you to the Tourney:

Speaking to the Samopesh Innkeeper and then the Blacksmith will kick off the investigation into Svatopluk's death, leading to the Tourney held by Sir Hanush.

Speaking to Sir Hans after Next to Godliness will enable you to compete in the Tourney, and he'll pay your entry fee. However, if you have completed Epilogue, you won't get the opportunity to participate in Capon's Champion.

Peshek will allow you to bet on yourself (and only yourself) about the winner of the next Tourney. If you win your bet, you get five times your bet. If you lose you get nothing back.

Watching the Rattay Tourney

Either way, travel to Rattay, where people will start to gather just after the seventh hour. You have until 14:59 to enroll, otherwise it will be too late. In order to win the Tourney, you need to defeat 3 opponents in best of 3 matches, each round with a different weapon:

  1. First round is the weapon you chose when enrolling with the Herald.
  2. Second round is your opponent's choice weapon.
  3. The weapon of the third round, if there is one, is chosen at random by Sir Hanush.

Also, you aren't allowed to leave the arena or strike an opponent who's yielded and you cannot use your own armour or weapons - this is about skill, not superior equipment.

First on the list is Black Peter, the previous year's winner. He has no time to talk to you right now, so while the first round is going on, speak to the Herald.

Pay the 60 Prague Groschen entry fee and choose your weapon. You'll be given your tournament armour and weapons, and immediately face off against one of the challengers. Beat them, best out of three, then repeat for the next competitor. There is no break in between, so take any potions before speaking to the Herald. Finally, face off against Black Peter.

Black Peter fights in the Rattay Tourney

Once you have defeated him, you will need to speak to Sir Hanush to collect your prize - 400 Prague Groschen and the Lords of Leipa gauntlets, the first piece of the Lords of Leipa armour. If you have arrangements with Hans and Peshek, go to them and collect your due.

Evey 6-9 in-game days, Sir Hanush will organise another tournament. Like before you can place a bet with Peshek. Every victory will yield 400 Prague Groschen and an item (either a piece of the Lords of Leipa armour or a weapon).

There are 27 items you can be rewarded with for winning the tournament. The first five items are a piece of the Lords of Leipa armour while items number 6 to 27 are weapons - some of them are high-end weapons which cannot be purchased from merchants and can only be found rarely in random encounters, treasure chests or stolen from certain NPCs...

Here is a full list of all rewards (in order) you get for achieving victory in the Rattay Tourney:

  1. Lords of Leipa gauntlets
  2. Lords of Leipa pauldrons
  3. Lords of Leipa hounskull
  4. Lords of Leipa chausses
  5. Lords of Leipa cuirass.
  6. Bouche Shield (Leipa emblem)
  7. Metal-plated battle axe (spiked crecent)
  8. Ceremonial mace
  9. Bailiff's mace
  10. Heavy warhammer (the smaller one)
  11. Robber Baron's sword
  12. St. Michael's sword
  13. Noble's hunting sword
  14. Yew longbow
  15. Metal-plated battle axe (the decorated one with a cross and flower)
  16. Captain's mace
  17. Raven's beak
  18. Razor
  19. Longinus' sword
  20. Yew hunting bow
  21. Ceremonial mace (a second one - it is identical to the first)
  22. Stinger
  23. Magdeburg Sword
  24. Old family heirloom
  25. St. George's sword
  26. Noble sword
  27. Envoy's Aide-de-Camp

After the 27th win, the distribution of rewards starts at number 6 (Bouche shield) again and you will also get the usual 400 Prague Groschen.


  • Don't get in trouble while in Rattay, or you'll instantly be banned from the tourney and have to wait for the next one.
  • You should not attack the spectators (for example by stabbing them with a long sword) since the tourney will end immediately and you will be held accountable for your crime.
  • When you enrol in the tourney, all items currently in your inventory are removed, and you can't enter the menus either. Your equipped armour and weapons are set by the game. All your belongings are given back to you when the tourney ends.
  • No matter when you enter the tourney (7am or 2pm alike), and no matter how many rounds you battle in, the tourney will always end at 6pm.
  • The Herald will mention that the Tourney will be held again in a few days, Peshek however will tell you it will be a week later. It seems the latter is more in the know than the former.
  • Competing under Sir Han's name has no advantage over competing under Sir Radzig's.
  • This quest was not originally included in the vanilla game, and was later patched in.