Pope Urban VI is a characters codex entry in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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1318 — 1389

Urban VI, born Bartolomeo Prignano, was quickly elected Pope under pressure from the Roman people to have a citizen of the city on the Papal Throne and the Papacy returned there from Avignon, to which it had been relocated at the beginning of the century by the French King. Urban truly did begin to rule from Rome and, once he took office, also to criticize the cardinals for accepting gifts from rulers and living in luxury. This made him many enemies, so shortly thereafter the French cardinals declared his election invalid and elected a new pope, who once again ruled from Avignon. The new pope declared Urban to be the Antichrist and excommunicated him. This led to the Great Schism - financial, theological and political duality and chaos throughout Europe, because each ruler had to declare which Pope they recognized as head of the Church.

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