Novice Lucas, once called Canute, is a novice monk at Sasau Monastery.


Lucas is a bit of a loner, explaining that he's happiest when he's on his own. He's not interested in expressing his views regarding the election for a new Abbott, or in telling you anything else about his past. He wants to forget who he was, forever. As Henry is currently looking for Pious, a former bandit, as part of A Needle in a Haystack, this is understandably a suspicious answer, especially with Jodok and Siskin blaming each other, and nobody blaming Antonius.

During Nasty Habits, Henry would discover that the circators have been sneaking down to the cellars to drink, which is against Monastic rules. Lucas will reveal that he also caught the circators, and when he threatened to report them, they locked him in solitary confinement, and have made his life hell ever since. Lucas asks Henry to go and speak with them and set things straight. Henry can do so, but the Circators will tell him that Lucas is a sinner, a sodomite, a corrupting influence (translation - he's gay). This information can also be gleened from reading the Abbot's notes in The Abbot's List.

Henry can confront Lucas about his 'proclivities', which the novice considers a test of his faith. He swears that he never committed the cardinal sin of laying with another man, simply confessed his desire when his father tried to arrange a marriage, resulting in him being sent to the Monastery to avoid a scandal. Lucas appears resigned to this arrangement, as being a homosexual in that era would have been an intolerable sin, and brought great shame and probably persecution on him and his family.

If you get the Circators off Lucas' back, he will give you some valuable information regarding A Needle in a Haystack - Antonius claims to be from Vlashim, but Lucas spent alot of time there and knows that he's lying.