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Neuhof was a large stud farm settlement owned by Hanush of Leipa, the acting Lord of Rattay, and administered by one of his vassals, Smil, and his wife Zora. They sold horse tack and horses.


In 1403 the stables were raided by a squad of bandits led by Runt. The thugs murdered some of the stablehands, including Radek and Franta, as well as Master Smil, before fleeing. Most of the horses were hamstrung but left alive, and Zora and her men were forced to put them down themselves in order to end their suffering.

The day after, the Lord Hanush sent unit commanded by Captain Bernard to investigate in The Hunt Begins. Henry accompanied them, and would find clues that would prompt Ginger in a Pickle.

Henry would learn that the attack was carried out by two gangs - a group of four local thugs (Limpy Lubosh, Reeky, Timmy and Pious) who were told the job was just a robbery and fled once the slaughter started, and Runt's murderous gang, who carried out the killings.

Following their trail would eventually lead Henry to Runt himself, and the hiding place of the two bandit camps at Pribyslavitz and Vranik. Sir Radzig would later observe that the attack was not for revenge, or gold, but to spread fear.

Later, Smil's widow Zora would request Henry's help in convincing Lord Divish that they could recover and still breed excellent horses, leading Henry to enlist in the Talmberg Horse Race.

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According to written chronicles, Neuhof by Sasau was a noble's court, which was destroyed during extensive floods. The small town of Nové Dvory was built in its place.

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