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The Metal-plated battle axe is a weapon used in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It is held in Henry's main hand and classified as an axe. It comes in two varieties.


A battleaxe of the highest quality. The blade will endure many blows and cut through even strong plate armour, and the handle will take even the most powerful blows of enraged foes. Demands respect in all circumstances.

How to Obtain

  • Spiked variant
  • Plain variant
    • Sold by the weaponsmith in Sasau
    • Can be looted from the bandit leader in the Sasau Woods northwest of the city.
    • Looted or stolen from heavily armored bandits, cumans and guards.
    • Reward from Treasure map IX
    • Reward for winning the Rattay Tourney fifteen times.


  • Despite having the same name, both axes have a moderate differance of stats between them, however, the one with the spike is the often considered the superior choice for combat, due to the added versatility, tough it lacks ever so slightly in damage with regular swings.
  • The first variation of the metal plated battle axe is constructed with a large, crescent shaped axe head, mounted atop a short wooden haft. The top of the haft is plated with steel as well. This adds weight to the end of the axe, allowing for more powerful swings, as well as reinforcing the haft against damage in combat. From underneath this casing a set of langets run on both sides parallel to the blade, providing further reinforcement for both the head and haft. There is a hook attached to the rear of the blade used for poking and prying heavily armored foes, as well as a spike attached to the tip of the haft above the blade; similarly used for poking through small holes in a foe's armor. This weapon is very powerful, only limited by its relatively short range. It has slightly better stats, and is equipped for poking unlike the first variation; and thus is considered the superior form.
  • The second axe of this type consists of a short, thick wooden haft, with a reinforced battle axe head; emblazoned with the christian cross. The haft and blade are reinforced by four long langets, which protect the haft from damage, as well as sturdy the axe head. The top bolts on each side parallel to the blade are both ornamented to look like a flower. The lower haft is reinforced with rivets, likely to reduce the stress on the wood and increase durability. This axe lacks a hook or spike, making it a poor choice for poking, however its high weight still allows for good blunt damage against armored foes. It has slightly lower stats than the second variation.