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As Henry is right-handed, his Main Hand is his right. Henry uses it to carry weapons such as axes, hunting swords, longswords, maces, shortswords sabres.

See also polearms and spears.



Main article: Axe (Weapon)
Axes deal a very balanced value of damage that is split between blunt and slash damage.

Hunting Swords

Main article: Hunting sword

Hunting swords are a type of sword, which are held in the main hand.


Main article: Longswords

Longswords are a type of sword that are held in both hands. They boast high damage and high defence values, but cannot perform combos when used alongside a shield.


Main article: Mace (Weapon)
Maces are a type of weapon that deal almost exclusively blunt damage.


Main article: Shortsword
Shortswords are a type of sword, which are held in the main hand.


Main article: Sabre
The Sabre is type of sword. They are lighter than the longsword although not uncommonly a similar length. The blades are thinner, sharpened on one side only and are often slightly curved. They are carried in Henry's main hand.