Lockpicking is a non-combat skill and tutorial codex entry in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Wiki. This skill allows players (Henry) to break into locked buildings or containers that are meant to keep them out. Lockpicking and stealing can lead to a reputation decrease as there is always a possibility of getting caught. Choose your victims and locations carefully.

You can read the book series Who Needs a Key? to level up this skill.

Picking Locks

Note: This information is from the in-game tutorial.

In order to pick locks, you must have at least one lockpick in your inventory, although it's better to have one or two spares, since they get worn with use and in the worst case can break.

Lockpicking image1.png

You start the actual lockpicking process by holding E on the lock. You will then see a diagram of the lock mechanism, in which you have to find the right spot to insert the lockpick. How close you are to the sweet spot is indicated by the size of the cursor, and it turns gold when you find it.

Lockpicking image2.png

Then you have to use the lockpick to turn the whole lock mechanism. At the same time, you have to coordinate the movement of the lockpick with the rotation of the mechanism, because the rotation shifts the position of the sweet spot and you have to adjust accordingly.

Lockpicking image3.png

If you try to turn the mechanism without having the lockpick in the correct position, the mechanism will stick, which will damage the lockpick or even break it. Any damage to the lockpick will produce a noise, which can draw unwanted attention, and breaking it will cause an even louder snap.


Players will find that there are four categories of locks, here are the thresholds of level one must have, in order to unlock said locks:

  • Very Easy - lvl 1
  • Easy - lvl 1
  • Hard - lvl 4
  • Very Hard - from lvl 9 to 15

Very Hard locks can be accessed sooner with the use of the Luck of the Drunk perk of the Lockpicking tree, and it is for that reason that it is considered one of the best perks in the tree.

New perk points unlock at levels: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 20.

Lockpicking Perks

Lockpicking Perks
Icong Name Lvl Effect
Kcd lasting lockpicks perk icon.png Lasting Lockpicks Lvl 3 Your lockpicks will be more durable and last twice as long.
Kcd repairman perk icon.png Repairman Lvl 3 After successfully picking a lock, you have a 20% chance of any broken lockpicks returning to your inventory.
Kcd deft grip perk icon.png Deft Grip Lvl 6 The starting position when lockpicking will be closer to the end of the lock, making it easier to open.
Kcd luck of the drunk perk icon.png Luck of the Drunk Lvl 6 It'll be 30% easier to open locks when drunk, but it will also be 30% noisier.
Kcd silent fiddler perk icon.png Silent Fiddler Lvl 9 You're able to work almost silently with a lockpick, even if the lockpicking isn't going well. The noise a snapping lockpick makes is reduced by 90%.
Kcd sixth sense perk icon.png Sixth Sense Lvl 9 Your sixth sense will warn you if someone is about to catch you in the act of lockpicking, so you'll have more time to escape.
Kcd lucky thief perk icon.png Lucky Thief Lvl 12 If you lockpick breaks you'll have a 10% chance of opening the lock instantly.
Kcd master thief perk icon.png Master Thief Lvl 12 You can unlock easier locks automatically.

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