Last Will and Testament is a side quest in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It is given to Henry by Vincent of Merhojed during the Pestilence quest, provided Henry has learnt to read in Mightier than the Sword.


Everyone deals with the approach of death in their own way. Some look for God's forgiveness, others try to do right by their loved ones, others to set their wordly affairs in order.



During Pestilence quest, Henry will speak to a sick Vincent, who will request his help writing a will and delivering it to the Sasau Parish Priest, Father Fabian. Henry will only be able to acquiesce if he can read. Once the will is written, Vincent will also give Henry a silver ring to prove that he is really working at an envoy.

Speaking to Father Fabian

Speaking to Father Fabian

Once in Sasau, Henry can either give the parish priest the will as Vincent requested, in which case Fabian will take the will and reward you with 175 Prague Groschen for your trouble, and Elijah will be disinherited as Vincent wanted. Meanwhile, you'll get to keep the ring.

Or, Henry can ask where to find Vincent's disowned son Elijah, who spends his days at the Tavern on the Green. Speak to the innkeeper, who will tell Henry he is sitting at one of the tables outside, or that he will be along at some point during the day (he usually arrives by the 17th hour).

Speak to Elijah, and inform him that his father is at death's door. At this point, you can either allow yourself to be bribed for 50Prague Groschen so that Elijah can destroy the will and inherit everything, or you can convince him to go home and make peace with his father.

Talking to Elijah

Talking to Elijah

Elijah's Stats

Speech Charisma Strength
3 0 4-5

If you convince Elijah to go home to say farewell to Vincent, he will immediately head back to Merhojed. Once you have obtained the cure in Pestilence, speak to Vincent yourself, and tell him you have given him the will - even if you haven't, as he will give you another 300 Prague Groschen. He is grateful that you tried to help and glad to see his son, but Elijah is not yet forgiven - one deathbed visit isn't enough to make up for a lifetime of mistreatment.

If you didn't destroy it, you will still need to go back to Father Fabian to give him the will in order to complete the quest.


  • There are no map indicators to find Elijah.
  • If you follow him, Elijah will indeed go home to Vincent.
  • If you messed up the cure in Pestilence and Vincent succumbed to the plague, none of the dialogue changes, and Henry will still act as though he is alive, even telling Elijah to go and see his father.