John Hus is a characters codex entry in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Although never seen, he is mentionned several times in-game, for exemple by Theresa during Courtship or Father Godwin during Mysterious Ways.

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c. 1370 — 6.7.1415

Jan (John) Hus was a priest and thinker and one of the most important Czech religious reformers and preachers. His works, inspired by the theological writings of John Wycliffe, played a key role in underpinning the essence of the Reformation.

As of 1398' he worked and disseminated his teachings at Prague University, but as early as 1403 German professors there labelled him a heretic. Six years later, up to twenty thousand doctors, masters and students were forced to leave Prague University as a result of theological disputes.From 1402, Hus preached at the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague, where all sermons were delivered not in Latin, but in Czech. This place became the centre of the reformation in Bohemia.Because of his controversial relationship with the Church and opinions on Catholic ethics, Hus was persecuted and finally convicted of heresy by the Council of Constance, for which he was burnt at the stake. The followers of the reformist idea rallied together after the events at Constance, leading to the beginning of the Hussite Wars (1420-1434).

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