Jobst of Moravia is a character in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


He was cousin to King Sigismund and King Wenceslas.

According to Jezhek of Ronow, Jobst conspired against his family and had him declared illegitimate, punishment for his father Vincent's refusal to side with him during a war. Jobst tore down Jezhek's family caste in Ronow rather than fight with Vincent's vassals over it, leaving the Jezhek impoverished and shamed. This would directly lead to him joining the bandit army and later taking control of their counterfeiting operation.

Jobst appears in Epilogue along with a member of the Council of the Moravian Margrave, John II of Liechtenstein, in Rattay where they give the local lords information on the circumstances of Sigismund's conquest in Bohemia and Wenceslas's kidnapping. He then begins to plan with the lords on what the next course of action is to defeat Sigismund and free Wenceslas from captivity.

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1354 — 18. 1. 1411

Jobst of Moravia was Margrave of Moravia from 1375 and Elector of Brandenburg from 1388; he also held the throne of the King of the Romans, although he did so for a mere 15 weeks until his death (1410-11). He was the son of John Henry of Luxembourg and the nephew of Emperor Charles IV. He achieved his standing in Europe due to military and political intrigues, aimed primarily against members of his own dynasty, particularly Wenceslas IV, against whom he rebelled along with the Moravian forces in the so-called Margraviate Wars.

He initially supported Sigismund of Luxembourg's efforts to seize the Bohemian crown, but in 1403 he began opposing him and together with Albert IV, Duke of Austria, took part in a rebellion against him. His previous support for Sigismund was probably motivated more by self-interest — it ensured him future influence as long as it seemed that Wenceslas would be deposed and Sigismund, or even Jobst himself, would take his place. His campaign against Wenceslas won him and other nobles many privileges. Then, in 1402, when the situation changed, he rebelled against Sigismund and was even instrumental in liberating Wenceslas from captivity. We don 't know whether the change was due to cunning or conscience, but to the end of his life he remained surprisingly loyal to Wenceslas IV.

Towards the end of his life he even stood against Sigismund in the election of King of the Romans, and won. He didn 't enjoy the crown for long though, and died shortly after.

Jobst was not only politically astute, but also a very thrifty governor - many rulers, including Sigismund himself, were financially indebted to him. In his day, it was said that it was Jobst, and not either Wenceslas or Sigismund, who was the true uncrowned sovereign of Bohemia. At the time our game takes place, however, he was in debt up to his ears.

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