Jaroslav at Johanka's sentencing.

Bishop Jaroslav of Beneshov is a character featured in the Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC, A Woman’s Lot.


Speech.png Charisma.png Strength.png
15 15 3


Jaroslav at some point was appointed Titular Bishop of Sarepta by Pope Boniface IX, although he lacked authority over his diocese due to its Muslim population. Before 1404, he had joined the Inquisition and gained a reputation for being skilled and smart.

He was summoned to Sasau and took residence at the local Monastery along with his assistant and several guards to investigate a report of heresy. He discovered Johanka was the subject of the investigation and quickly picked up local gossip on her as well as fear and respect from the locals. He gave her an order to stop preaching of the Virgin Mary, she quickly disobeyed this command.

She was arrested and awaited trial. Henry soon discovered this and questioned Jaroslav on what he could do in her defense. Jaroslav told Henry he could defend her and gather witnesses. The Inquisitor then gives Henry three days to complete this task before he finishes his investigation.

At the trial, he gives a fair, non-biased questioning. Depending on Henry's choices, the Inquisitor can acquit Johanka of all charges or sentence her to a flogging and then rip her tongue out, she will then die of infection afterward. Afterward, Jaroslav will depart from Sasau with his allies.


- Killing Jaroslav results in immediate game over, as Henry is arrested and executed for murdering a servant of God.

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