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A horse trader provides Henry with horses and horse supplies. There are 3: One in Neuhof, one in Uzhitz and one in Merhojed. Each one provides different horses at different tiers for sale, as well as horse equipment such as saddles, bridles and horse shoes.

Neuhof Trader

The Neuhof trader is run by Smil, a vassal of Sir Hanush, who is killed during a raid by bandits led by Runt, which Henry is sent to investigate during The Hunt Begins. After Smil's death, his wife Zora takes over the running of the horse stud farm. She sells the following horses:

Uzhitz Trader

The Uzhitz horse trader is run by the Head Groom. He sells the following horses:

Merhojed Trader

The Merhojed Trader is run by Johann. He sells the following horses: