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Horse tack are items that Henry can equip his horse with, and includes horse head armour, body armour, cover, bridle, saddle and horseshoes. Henry cannot wear them, as he is a man, and not a horse.

Horse head armour

Main article: Horse head armour

Horse head armour is worn by your horse and increases its defensive stats, but may occasionally decrease speed.

Body Armour

Main article: Body Armour (Horse)

Body Armour is a category of horse tack. At this point there is no known horse body armour in the game, although there is a spare inventory slot on your horse. This is primarily for the use of modders.


Main article: Cover (Horse)

Covers, also called caparisons, are a category of horse tack that can be purchased from the Horse Traders.


Main article: Bridle

Bridles are worn by your horse and give them more courage.


Main article: Saddle

Saddles increase the load capacity of your horse, meaning they can carry more weight, but decreases their speed.


Main article: Horseshoes

Horseshoes increase the speed of your horse.