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Henry's mother is a supporting character in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. She was an unnamed citizen of Skalitz, the wife of Martin (the local blacksmith) and the mother of Henry.


Henry's mother is a loving mother and a loving wife, and even if the family is not wealthy or high ranking, the father's trade as a skilled blacksmith ensures that they are always comfortable, living right besides Sir Radzig Kobyla's castle. Martin and his wife are happy with their lives, but she is concerned about her now grown son's desire to learn to fight and see the world, preferring that he learn a blacksmith's honest living, settle down with Bianca, which she is very fond of and calls a clever girl, and enjoy a simple life.

However, she disapproves of Henry's friends, Matthew and Fritz, telling him that they are a bad influence on him and that they will end up swinging if they continue their petty misdemeanour.

In 1403, she is in the local village when hundreds of Cuman mercenaries led by Sir Markvart von Aulitz, under orders from King Sigismund of Luxembourg, invade Silver Skalitz. Martin leaves the safety of the outer castle to find her, and manages to fight off several of their attackers as they fled.

Henry's Parents

Martin and his wife

As Henry watched, Martin is cut down by Sir Markvart, and his mother is killed only moments later as she tries to defend her husband. Henry has no choice but to flee to Talmberg, leaving her body behind in Run!.

Her death is devastating to her son, and he returns to Skaltiz in Homecoming, holding out hope they might still be alive. However, he is distraught when he finds their bodies, and vows to bury them.

Henry's parents attempt to flee the invading army

Henry's parents flee the invading army

Unfortunately, he was interrupted by Runt and Zbyshek, who beat him and almost killed him before the timely intervention of Theresa, Sir Robard of Talmberg and several Talmberg guards. With Henry unconscious, Theresa and Sir Robard buried Martin and his wife themselves, under a tree in front of their home.

This event will have a profound impact on Henry's life, and spark his desire for Vengeance. In his quest to avenge his family, he begs Sir Radzig Kobyla to take him into his service, so that he can learn how to fight. That way, when he faced off against his enemies, he would be ready. Radzig is hesitant at first, but after Henry demonstrates his loyalty and dedication, he agrees to train him, remarking that the young man's parents were "remarkable people".

Some time later, Henry, now a seasoned fighter and sworn into the service of Radzig, was captured by bandits while infiltrating their camp during The Die is Cast. There, the leader of the bandits revealed a secret to Henry - his father was not Martin the blacksmith, but Sir Radzig Kobyla.