Heinrich III von Rosenberg is a characters codex enrty in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Heinrich III, also known as Henry III, was the head of the Rosenberg family.

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1361 - 28.7.1412

Henry III of Rosenberg (Jindřich III. z Rožmberka), the only son of Oldřich I of Rosenberg, was Praguq Burgrave in the years 1396-1398 and 1400-1404. He also held the position of lord of the upper castle in Botemian Crumlaw (Český Krumlov) and was a member of the noble opposition group known as the League of Lords (Panská jednota)/ He took part in the capture and imprisonment of Wenceslas IV in 1394, and again in 1402. Between 1389 and 1409 he held the position of executioner, as recorded in the Rosenberg Lords' Book of Executions.

Around 1400, Henry was presented with a statue of the Madonna and Child crafted in the Parler worshop, now known as the Crumlaw Madonna (Madonna of Krumlov).

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