Hans was a citizen of Skalitz.

For the Lord of Rattay, see Hans Capon.


Hans was the son of the Deutsch and his wife. His family was of German descent and because of this, they were distrusted by their Bohemian neighbors in the village of Silver Skalitz. His father's vocal support of Sigismund also contributes towards the family's ostracization. Despite this, Hans is friends with Zbyshek. He catches Henry, Fritz, Matthew and Matthias throwing dung at his father's house, and a fight breaks out, interrupted by Johanka and the catchpole.

After the Skalitz attack, the injured Hans was taken to Sasau, where he was treated in the infirmary of the monastery. Due to a shortage of bandages, his wound has not been properly dressed. In the quest In God's Hands, Henry gives him 10 bandages in order to keep the wound bound and clean.


Inventory (After Attack on Skalitz)