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From the Ashes is the first DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which adds the side quests Lost in the Woods, A Place to Call Home, and Supplies as well as the activity Judgement. It also includes exclusive items. The developers, Warhorse Studios, describe it as "much more like a huge extension on the vanilla game... because it's integrated into the main quest."

After the events of Baptism of Fire, Pribyslavitz has been rid of the bandits and is now deserted. Lord Divish of Talmberg promotes Henry to bailiff and requests his help in rebuilding the village.


After you and your comrades-in-arms drove the bandits out of Pribyslavitz, the village was once again left to be slowly swallowed up by the woods. A shame - before being plundered by a renegade Lord, it was no doubt a sprawling, bustling hamlet, judging by the size of the ruined church there, which is all that's left as a remainder of its former prosperity.

You always wondered why the folk never went back to live there, so you were pleasantly surprised to learn that Sir Divish has plans for his former hamlet. You don't know exactly what he has in mind, but you'll be glad to have a hand in it. You're sure to find out in Talmberg what needs to be done.


After Baptism of Fire, go to Talmberg, where you will need to speak to Divish. He will tell you that he has sent his Master Locator, Marius Bilek, to assess the condition of Pribyslavitz, his former hamlet. It is has been in ruin since it was sacked by Havel Medek many years before, and the recent occupation of the bandits has done nothing to improve the situation. Unfortunately, Marius is long overdue, so Divish requests Henry seek him out, starting Lost in the Woods.

Travel to Pribyslavitz, where you might want to first take the opportunity to loot the camp, as there are large quantities of valuable abandoned Cuman armour and weapons, that will be lost once work commences. There are a few bandits still lingering around, who have taken Marius prisoner. Convince or threaten them to turn Marius over.

Marius requests Henry's help in surveying the land, and will comment on some good locations for planned construction. Ultimately he decides that the task wont be easy, but it can be done - but first, they have to clear the brush, and hire some laborers. Lord Divish arrives and the three men discuss the logistics of rebuilding, which will ultimately cost several tens of thousands of Groschen until people settle in the area and begin producing.

Divish, along with Radzig and Hanush, have agreed to invite some of the citizens of Rattay, including the Skalitz refugees, to move to the area. The Lord then appoints Marius to be in charge of the land parcelling and building, to assist the new Bailiff - Henry. However, this is not just an honour - it's an obligation. Henry will need to rebuild the village, maintain order ... and front up the initial cost of all the work.

Travel to Rattay and speak to the Bailiff, who will formally announce your promotion and inform the people that they may move to Pribyslavitz and live tax free for five years if they are willing to rebuild the village. By the time Henry returns to Pribyslavitz to begin A Place to Call Home, some people have already arrived, and Marius has constructed a temporary Rathaus and a labourer's camp, and Supplies will get you acquainted with the basics.

But labour isn't cheap, and there is a chest that Henry will need to fill with gold to pay the workers. Henry will need to decide what to build and when - it's recommended that you focus first on the buildings that will produce your construction materials. Marius will also bring up the subject of his pay, and Henry will need to negotiate with him. You will also need to source resources, which have varying costs depending on your supplier.

Pribyslavitz (3)

Once the village has some inhabitants, Henry will need to start an activity dubbed Judgement, where he must hear cases of local crimes and determine what is to be done with the perpetrators.

The key is to carefully manage the incoming and outgoing funds until the village becomes self-sufficient, and even starts generating money. Keep an eye on your expenses by reading your account ledger, which will show the buildings already constructed, as well as their income/cost, how much they increase your reputation, and any potential improvements. It is important to ensure there are sufficient funds (and you have a good enough reputation), or else Lord Divish will strip you of your title... and your village.



Building Overview[]

On the table below, Total Cost is for the fully upgraded building. Max Income includes income for goods or services provided to other buildings (ie, income from the Beehives' synergy with the Tavern is included in the listing for the Beehives) and judgements that affects them. Once you decide on a building, several days will instantaneously pass and the building will be completed. Ensure you have sufficient funds to cover at least a week's worth of expenditure until the village is self-sufficient.

There are not enough sites for all buildings, so you will need to decide whether to build a Butcher or a Bakery, Stables or Guardhouse. All in all, the total cost will be between 94,000 - 95,000 Prague Groschen to fully upgrade the village (not accounting for the costs associated with supporting the town from your own pocket until it is self sufficient). But - dependent on who your suppliers are and what you pay Marius - the village can net its Bailiff around 1500 Prague Groschen a day, and support between 62 and 68 citizens, without you needing to do anything. Hiring skilled laborers and making good judgements will increase this even further, meaning it is well worth your while to invest in the village early and then reap the profits for the remainder of your gameplay.

Building Total Cost Max Income Max Income
with Labourers
Improvements Citizens Require Resource/s Exclusive Items
Rathaus -15,300 Prague Groschen -275 Prague Groschen -275 Alchemy bench 5 Stone Announcement
Herb garden
Church -35,000 Prague Groschen -300 Prague Groschen -300 Prague Groschen Alter 5 Stone
Trader's -4000 Prague Groschen -240 Prague Groschen -165 Prague Groschen 3 None
Forge -10000 Prague Groschen 755 Prague Groschen 825 Prague Groschen OR Swordsmith's Tools 5 Charcoal Tusk sword
Armoursmith's Tools Boarback shield
Tavern -13000 Prague Groschen 1000 Prague Groschen 1100 Prague Groschen Brewery 15 Stone & Grain Pribyslavitz Boar
Dice Games
Bridge and Road -4000 Prague Groschen -20 Prague Groschen -20 Prague Groschen 0 None
OR Butcher's -4700 Prague Groschen 460 Prague Groschen 510 Prague Groschen Smoke house 3 Livestock Smoked food
Bakery -4700 Prague Groschen 465 Prague Groschen 590 Prague Groschen Drying shed 4 Grain Dried food
OR Stables -7000 Prague Groschen 365 Prague Groschen 420 Prague Groschen Saddler's equipment 8 Grain Horse head armour
Guardhouse -6000 Prague Groschen 345 Prague Groschen 345 Prague Groschen Archery Range 13 None Sinew bow
Beehives -1500 Prague Groschen 40 Prague Groschen 40 Prague Groschen 2 None Honey
Woodcutters' Camp -2500 Prague Groschen 90 Prague Groschen 170 Prague Groschen 10 None
Labourer's Camp 0 -25 Prague Groschen -25 Prague Groschen 7 None

Skilled Labourers[]

All buildings come with characters who are able to run each site. Throughout his quests, Henry will have met several craftsmen who he can convince to move to Pribyslavitz and take over. These skilled labourers will earn you extra income.

Skilled labourers
Building Job Worker Income How to Get
Bakery Baker Silvester +75 Prague Groschen via Judgement
Butcher's (one only) Butcher Kochwurst +50 Prague Groschen via Judgement
Brisket +45 Prague Groschen via Judgement
(one only)
Weaponsmith Swordsmith Fink +60 Prague Groschen Recruit after completion of The Queen of Sheba's Sword. Requires bribery or skill check.
Armoursmith Zach +70 Prague Groschen Recruit after completion of Rattled. Will not work for you if you took the other's side.
Master Ota +10 Prague Groschen
Stables (one only) Groom Mark +55 Prague Groschen Convince Zora.
Vashek +45 Prague Groschen Convince Vashek.
Tavern Patron Matthew -15 Prague Groschen (+10 after judgment) Complete A Rock and a Hard Place, but don't get them arrested in Gallows Brothers.
Fritz -15 Prague Groschen (+10 after judgment)
(one only)
Adam +30 Prague Groschen Give him Adam's family cross during Besmirched.
Andrew - Declines no matter whether you sided with him during Besmirched or not.
Barmaid Mirka +50 Prague Groschen Don't kill Timmy yourself in My Friend Timmy. Can still be recruited if killed by the Bandits.
Trader's (one only) Trader Kornelius +75 Prague Groschen Recruit after completion of Aquarius. Requires bribery or skill check.
Konrad Hagen - Declines.
Woodcutters' Camp (both) Woodcutter Kunesh +35 Prague Groschen Recruit after completion of Scavenger. Requires bribery or skill check. May depend on earlier treatment.
Raspberry +40 Prague Groschen (+5 after judgment) Will join immediately.
? Huntsman Nicholas - Declines.


  • There is a possible bug when getting Kunesh to work for you. After recruiting him as a woodcutter his name appears in the Pribyslavitz ledger (along with the income generated) but Kunesh himself does not make it to the village. He can be found wandering between Rattay and Merhojed. Update: After few weeks he may eventually show up in Pribyslavitz.
  • Adam can be recruited even without giving him the Adam's family cross as long as he still gets money.



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