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Food is a General Codex entry along with the Tutorial Codex entry Food and Poisoning in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Food are consumable items that help Henry to restore his health, energy, and nourishment, and come in the form of drinks, common food, raw meat, cooked food, dried food, smoked food and potions (see below). To eat you must have some meals in your inventory that can be found under the Food tab. You can also eat from the various pots of stew found on camp fires and in kitchens throughout the land.

Henry must eat or drink regularly in order to stay alert. Consuming too much, however, can make you unable to eat for a certain amount of time, and you will be heavy-handed and clumsy until you digest everything. You also must pay attention to what you eat: food after a certain amount of time will rot and eating it can cause you to suffer food poisoning.

You can't consume food while in combat.


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Common foods

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Raw meats

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Cooked food

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Dried food

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Smoked food

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In the Middle Ages, whether at a village or the Royal Court, the foodstuffs used were mainly those sourced locally – vegetables: primarily cabbage, onions, parsnips, turnips, beets and garlic, and to a lesser extent carrots, celeriac, parsley, cucumbers and melons; legumes: peas, lentils, vetches and beans; fruit: apples, pears, cherries and plums, and berries, nuts, seeds and cereals. Eggs, milk and cheese were available all year round. Depending on wealth, availability and the seasons, there was meat (venison, poultry, fish) and from abroad spices, fruits and condiments, including saffron, dates, figs, nutmeg, pepper, sugar, ginger and cardamom. Food was flavoured with oil, vinegar, salt, honey and herbs.

The most popular kinds of food in the 14th and 15th centuries were thick broth soups, purées and sauces for dunking bread in. The bread was rye, with white bread only available at Court.

During feasts there were fish dishes - using herring, for example - roast meats, sausages, minced meat and black pudding. Desserts were made with almonds, marzipan, sweet purées with fruit boiled in milk or with added cream, jams and preserves, baked, fresh or dried fruits and assorted cakes.

In rural areas gruel and porridge of various kinds accounted for the bulk of the diet. Meat was expensive and hunting in the forests prohibited (all game belonged to the aristocracy), which was mostly compensated for by eating fish.

Many ingredients that are common today were unavailable in the Middle Ages, such as potatoes, tomatoes, sweetcorn, peppers and rice, which later made their way to Europe after the discovery of America or as imports from Asia.

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Codex tutorial icon.png Food and Poisoning

Your character is a man of flesh and blood and has to eat and sleep to survive and stay fit.

It's not wise to ignore hunger - the longer you go without food, the weaker you get. If you fast long enough, you can even die!

But one food is not like another - an apple won't fill you up like a roast duck, but it will stay fresh for longer. And some foods can be more effective for healing.

The opposite to hunger is overeating. Stuffing yourself like a pig has the advantage that you won't need to eat for longer, but a full belly will slow you down and, like with hunger, your Stamina will regenerate more slowly.

You can see whether you need to eat in the Player tab under the picture of your character in the Nourishment stat. You can see whether you're hungry or overstuffed not only in the Buffs tab, but also from the icon next to your health indicator:


[missing image: hunger debuff icon]

You also need to watch what you eat - if you eat or drink something that's spoiled, you can get food poisoning, which you can only cure by taking Antidote potion. You can tell you've been poisoned by the icon next to your health indicator.

[missing image: food poisoning debuff icon]

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