Fishy Business in Uzhitz is an activity in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. You need to beat three subordinate fighters in order to challenge the Fisherman.

This is an ongoing activity and you can keep challenging the fisherman forever for more fights.


The Uzhitz fisherman organizes prize fights.


  • Beat Josef
  • Beat Maple
  • Beat Mash
  • Beat the fisherman
    • More fights...


After speaking to the fisherman, head back to Uzhitz and approach the three fighters, Josef, Maple and Mash (jn that order, preferably). Bet them 5 Prague Groschen and engage in a brawl. If you win, you'll forfeit the 5 Prague Groschen, but if you win, you'll get 10 Prague Groschen.

Fighting the fisherman

Fighting the fisherman

Once you've beaten all three, go back to the Fisherman and bet 10 Prague Groschen. Once you beat him, you'll win 20Prague Groschen, and the skill-book Agile as a Weasel I. You can return at any time to challenge the fisherman to a brawl, either for a quick bit of cash or to develop your skills.