Drunkenness is a debuff in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


A state of spiritual well-being that only the drunk himself can appreciate.


Drunkenness comes on gradually and its level is shown by the gold background on the buff's icon. It increases according to how much you've drunk. Up to the halfway point of the buff, your Strength, Speech, Vitality and Charisma increase up to a maximum of +2. The closer you get to the halfway mark, the greater the bonus. But your conspicuousness will also rise considerably.

Drunkenness full.png

When you pass the halfway point of the buff, the effect of drunkenness will change, which is also shown by the icon. Your Strength, Speech, Vitality and Charisma will be penalized by 2 at most. The closer you get to filling the buff, the more severe the penalties. If you continue drinking and increase your drunkenness to the maximum, you will black out.

Once you've digested all the alcohol you drank, your drunkenness will gradually fall. If you drank a lot, after the buff ends you will still face a hangover. The amount you can drink before suffering negative effects depends on your Drinking skill.

If you drink often, you can become an Alcoholic. How soon it happens also depends on the level of your Drinking skill.

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