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Beverages is a General Codex entry in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Drinks are consumable liquid items. They can be found in the "Food" tab in the player's inventory. Drinks include items that may or may not contain alcohol and can either help regain health, energy, and nourishment, or inhibit them (debuff).

See also common foods, cooked food, raw meats, dried food, smoked food and potions.

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There were shortages of clean drinking water (due to pollution of watercourses by human activities around rural settlements) and fruit juices were available only in season. Hence everyone, including children, drank beer. The beer brewed at home was weaker and heavier than today, contained 1-50/0 alcohol, and served instead of soup. It had no head of foam, was brewed from wheat - so-called 'white beer', or from barley - 'old beer'. Only in the 15th century did hops come to be added for better beer quality, bringing out a bitter flavour.

Wine was drunk primarily at Court and in the monasteries. It differed from today's by its spicy, very sweet taste. It would be condensed into a thick syrup and diluted with water.

Spirits were altogether rare. Distillation took place in small volumes. Fruit and cereal distillates were again weaker than today's (about 15-20%). The most popular drink was mead, made from fermented honey dissolved in water.

Codex closing image.png
Image Drink Nourish. Health Energy Alcohol Dur. Weight kg dk.png Prague Groschen
Beer.png Beer 7 0 -2 5% 1 1
KingdomComeCheapWine.PNG Cheap wine 10 0 -6 13% 1 1.5
KingdomComeCheapWine.PNG Drinking water 0.5 1 0 0% 1 0.1
Fine wine.png Fine wine 18 7 5 13% 1 20
KingdomComeMead.PNG Mead 10 0 -2 17% 1 4
Milk.png Milk 13 0 0 0% 1 day 1 3
Pribyslavitz Boar.png Pribyslavitz Boar dlc 10 0 10 2% 0.5 30
Rosehip wine.png Rosehip wine 16 5 6 10% 1 50
KingdomComeSchnapps.PNG Spirits 20 5 10 27% 1 15
KingdomComeWine.PNG Wine 15 2 -2 13% 1 4