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Defence is a Combat proficiency used by Henry in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The current level of Defence can be seen in the Player window below their character. It can also be seen on the Combat tab along with the current progress and required experience needed for the next level.

It makes players more difficult to wound, in effect increasing their armor rating.


Increases the time you can hold a perfect block or dodge as well as increasing the defence stat of weapons and shields.

New perk points unlock at levels: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20.

Defence Perks

Icon Name Requirement Effect
Kcd perfect block perk icon.png Perfect Block Train with Captain Bernard You've learned to fend off the opponent's blow with a well-timed block. You'll know exactly when to block from the appearance of a green shield in the middle of the combat rose. Costs no Stamina.
Kcd firm grip perk icon.png Firm Grip Defence 4 Blocking your opponent's strikes with your shield will cost him 15% more Stamina.
Kcd weapon cruncher perk icon.png Weapon-Cruncher Defence 4 If you beat your opponent in a clinch, you'll damage his weapon 15% more. A damaged weapon will cause much less damage, as well as its price being greatly reduced.
Kcd golem perk icon.png Golem Defence 8 Your armour is one third more frightening than usual.
Kcd knight in shining armour perk icon.png Knight in Shining Armour Defence 12 In sunny weather, the glint of your armour will dazzle everyone so much, you'll be taken for a noble knight and have a +4 Charisma bonus.
Kcd well worn perk icon.png Well Worn Defence 12 You're able to equip your armour, weapons, and other items so cleverly that are one third lighter than they actually weigh in the inventory.


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