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The Cumans, (Kunok in Hungarian), were a Turkic nomadic people who, after the Mongol invasion in 1237, took refuge and moved to Hungary in 1239.


The Hungarian Kings decided to allow the Cumans to live in their territories provided that they would fight in their army. In 1400, King Sigismund of Hungary came to power, deposing his brother Wenceslas IV of Bohemia, and took control of the Cuman Army. His first order was to burn to the ground every single settlement in Bohemia who didn’t accept him as the new ruler. Dozens of villages and cities were destroyed by the Cumans, Silver Skalitz being among them, raided and razed in 1403.


As a population primarily devoted to cavalry attacks, Cumans are usually equipped with very light, colorful and comfortable clothes. They also wear lamellar armours and bizarre pointed helmets. In battle they don’t use swords or maces but scimitars, and bows, as well as circular wooden or metal shields.


The main weapons of the Cumans were the recurved and, later, the composite bow (worn on the hip with the quiver), the javelin, curved sword (a sabre less curved than a scimitar), mace, and heavy spear for lancing. Due to European influence, some of the later period Cumans wielded war hammers and axes.


For defense they used a round or almond shaped shield, short sleeved mail armour, consisting of commonly alternating butted and riveted rows, lamellar armour (iron or leather), leather cuirass, shoulder spaulders, conical or dome shaped iron helmet with a detachable iron or bronze anthropomorphic face plate (gold for princes and khans), and at times a camail suspended from the helmet, consisting of chain or leather. The armour was strengthened by leather or felt discs that were attached to the chest and back. The items suspended from the belts were a bow case with bow, a quiver, and a knife. They also wore elaborate masks in battle, shaped like a face.

Codex characters icon.png Codex entry

The Cumans first arrived in Czech lands in 1260. Under the leadership of the Hungarian Crown Prince Stephen they fought against Bishop Bruno and the army of the Austrian lords, which they thoroughly vanquished. The Cumans appeared for the second time in the 1270s, when they defeated the army of King Piemysl Otakar and went on to pillage Moravia.

They last invaded the Czech lands under Sigismund of Luxembourg, who could afford no better mercenaries than the Cumans. Estimates speak of several thousand fighters. One of the places that succumbed to their ravages was Silver Skalitz, the birthplace of our game 's hero.

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  • Na jó, most meghalsz! (Alright, now you die!)
  • Feladod? (Are you giving up?)
  • Hehe, eleged van? (Hehe, you had enough?)
  • Mi van? Begyulladtál? (What? Are you scared?)
  • Megdöglesz! (You'll die! (In a rude way))
  • Ma a pokolba jutsz! (Today you go to hell!)
  • Huh-huh. Szarba... Huh-huh (Huh-huh. Shit...Huh-huh)
  • Megöllek, te geci! (I'll kill you, you fuck!)
  • Te fostalicska! (You motherfucker! -> literally it means: "You shit-barrow")
  • Azt hiszed jó vagy, mi?! (You think you're good, huh?!)
  • Baszás! (Fuck! -> Literally it means 'Having sex')
  • Hagyd abba! Hallod?! Állj, feladom! (Stop it! You hear me?! Stop, I surrender!)
  • Ez betalált! (Bullseye!)
  • Geci! ( 'Jizz' -> Curse word for semen in a rude way, usually it is said upon someone like "Te geci" - You jizz.)
  • Beszarás! És pont amikor kedvem lenne valakiből kiverni a 'lelket'! (Fuck it! I was just in the mood to beat the 'soul' out of somebody!)
  • Rossz helyen vagy rossz időben! (You are in the wrong place at the wrong time!)
  • Ott ni! Látjátok? Ott az a gennyláda! (Over there! Do you see him? There's that scumbag!)
  • Hova-hova? Mit csinálsz itt? (To-where? What are you doing here? )
  • Vagy úgy, szóval azt a részeges csehet, Machot keresed... (Ah I see, so you are looking for that drunk czech, that Machot...)
  • Rendben. Odavezetlek hozzá, ő majd foglalkozik veled... (Alright. I can take you to him, he will take care of you...)
  • Én nem csináltam semmit. Engedj el! (I didn't do nothing wrong. Let me go!)
  • Ez hazugság! Az egész az ő hibája volt! (This is a lie! It was all of his fault!)
  • Kiprivokálta a harcot amikor a cimboráival leszúrtak két embert. (He provoked the fight when he and his pals stabbed to death two men.)
  • Mi itt vendégek vagyunk, ezért tisztelettel kell bánniuk velünk. (We are guests here, therefore we must be treated with respect.)
  • Igen, ennek igy kell lennie! (Yes, it is as it must be!)
  • Milyen büntetést tartogatsz a számára? (How do you want to punish him?)
  • Engedd szabadon, a többiek emlékezni fognak rá. (Let him live, the others will remember it.)
  • Mit mondasz? (What do you say?)
  • Mi van? Nem értelek. Mit akarsz itt? (What's that? I don't understand you. What do you want?)
  • Hé! Emberek! Itt egy szaglászó! (Hey! Folks! I smell a rat!)
  • Hé, te, várj csaj egy kicsit! Mit akarsz, hogy ennyit bámészkodsz itt? (Hey, you, wait a minute! You are staring here for so long, What do you want?)
  • Hugyoznon kell. (I have to pee.)
  • Itt csinálhatod, ahol akarod, úgyis térdig járunk itt a szarban. (You can do it wherever you want, we're kneeling in the shit anyway.)
  • Figyelj, nem nagy ügy, ne szívd mellre! (Listen, it's not a big deal, take it easy!)
  • Úgy aludnék! (I would sleep!)
  • Itt épp egy malacka tévedt a disznóölésre! ( A piggy came for its own slaughter! / Here's a piggy for the slaughter! )
  • Vigyázz! Látom az ellenséget! (Watch out! I see the enemy! )
  • Gyere érte! ( Come for it! )
  • Mi van? Fogytán az erőd? (What? Are you rowed out? )
  • Itt vagyok! ( Im here! )
  • Hé! Ott van! Vigyázz! ( Hey! He's over there! Look out! )
  • Látom őt! Ott ni! (I see him! There! )
  • A szentségit! ( Shit! / God Damn it! )
  • Látjátok?! Ellenség! ( Can you see him ?! Enemy! )
  • Nocsak! Nocsak! ( Well! Well! )
  • Mi volt ez a hang? ( What was that sound ?)
  • Menj a dolgodra, baromarc! (Mind you own business, Jerk!)

While assaulting Theresa

  • Az ördögbe, ez aztán kitartó (Blimey, she is so tenacious.)
  • Mostmár elég lesz, te disznó! (That's enough, you swine!)
  • Minél jobban vergődsz annál rosszabb lesz, te ribanc! (The more you squirm the worst it will be, you bitch!)
  • A picsába! Mi ez? Nyírjátok ki a fattyút! (Damn! What's this? Kill that bastard!)
  • Még sajnálni fogod, hogy megjelentél itt, te szaros! (You will regret showing up here, you turd!)
  • Egy kicsit várnod kell malackám, amíg elintézzük ezt a féleszűt! (You have to wait a minute my piggy, until we deal with this half-wit!)

The run to Talmberg

  • Kapjátok el, nehogy meglógjon! (Get him, don't let him to escape!)
  • Nála van a lovunk! (He has our horse!)
  • Nyírd ki, a francba! (Kill him, Damn it!)
  • A pokolba végzed! (You will end up in hell!)
  • Hát ez rövid lesz! (This will be easy!)
  • Szétszabdallak te fostalicska! (I will cut you into pieces, you motherfucker!)
  • Megdöglesz! (Die!)
  • Tudod hogy fog végződni! (You know how this ends!)
  • Véged, te geci! (It's over, you fuck!)
  • Kitekerem a nyakad! (I will break your neck!)
  • Kapsz egyet! (You will get one! / Take this!)
  • Vak vagy, hogy nem találod el? (Are you blind, that you cannot hit him?)
  • Nyírja már ki valaki! (Somebody kill him already!)
  • Vigyázz, nyílak! (Watch out, arrows!)
  • Hagyjuk, húzzunk innen! (Leave him be, let's get out of here!)

The Cuman prisoner

(The following has been translated using Google Translate and will need correcting from a Hungarian speaker).

Speaker Hungarian English Translation
Henry - (Tell him he has one and only chance to save himself from the gallows)
Vagrant Jól figyelj, van esélyed a menekvésre. Listen carefully, you have a chance to escape.
Cuman He? Huh?
Vagrant Hova suvasztottad a cuccot, amit összelopkodtál? Where did you hide the stuff, that you have stolen?
Cuman Ezt megmondhatom neked, de előbb azt áruld el, az a fekete hajú ott melletted tud-e magyarul? I can tell you that, but first you have to tell me, that black haired guy right beside you, can he speak Hungarian?
Vagrant Nem! Egy szót se! No! Not a word!
Henry - (What's he saying?)
Vagrant - (Well ... he seems to be resisting)
Henry - (Tell him that if he tells me where it is, I'll set him free) OR (Tell him if he carries on being stubborn, I'm going to lose my patience.)
Vagrant Na mondd, hol van? Now, tell me where is it?
Cuman Elmondom neked, de azt a gecit, aki melletted áll, küldd el valahova! I will tell you, but that turd who is standing next to you, get rid of him !
Vagrant Aha, már kazdem érteni. Yeah, I'm beginning to understand.
Cuman Akkor jó, hogy értjük egymást. Jól figyelj! Azzal a nagy várossal szemben a folyónál. It is good that we understand each other. Listen carefully! With that big city over the river.
Vagrant Ratajir Gondolsz? You mean Rattay ?
Cuman A nevét nem tudom. Egy nagy város várfalakkal, és van ott két vár. Szemben, a folyó túlpartján van egy domb. Ha város felé nézel, van melletted egy út. I do not know its name. A big city with walls, and there are two castles Pirkstein & the Upper Castle. In the opposite side of the river, there is a hill. If you are looking towards the city, there is a road next to you.
Cuman Azon az úton van egy kereszteződés egy kiégett fával. Visz onnan egy kis ösvény le a vízhez, és lenn a víznél van egy kivájt fatönk. On the road there is an intersection with a burnt tree. There is a small path that leads you to the water, and down at the river there is a hollowed stump.
Vagrant és abban van? And is it there?
Cuman Igen Yes
Henry - (So? Is he saying anything)
Vagrant - (Um ... no, not really. He just keeps swearing)
Henry - (Tell him he's running out of time) OR (Tell him that if he doesn't say anything in the next few moments I'll cut his throat right here and now)
Vagrant Jó, és hova küldjem? Good, and where shall I send him?
Cuman A pénz helyét nem tudom pontosan elmondani, igy oda kell őt vinnem. I cannot say exactly where the money is, so I have to take him there.
Vagrant - (Well, now he's started to talk. He says he's got the coin somewhere in the forest, but he can not describe it exactly.
Henry - (Fine, that's good enough for me).
While the Cuman is taking you to the coin:
  • Erre, már nincs messze! (This way, it's not too far!)
  • Gyorsan! itt vagyok! (Quickly! I'm here!)
  • Nem, kérlek, ne ölj meg! I money! (No, please, Don't kill me! I money!)
  • Hol a faszba is volt ? (Where the fuck was it?)
  • A picsába, hol az a szaros fa !? (Damn it, where is that fucking tree!?)
  • Világos, miért is ásta volna el a közelben az az idióta Tihamér? (Reasonable, why would that moron Tihamér bury the coin nearby?)
  • Akkor kell vagy sem ? (You want it then or not?)
  • A pénz egy farönkbe van elrejtve. (The money is hidden in a log.)
  • Már mehetek ? (Can I go now?)
  • Igen ? (Yes?)


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