A Crime is an illegal action carried out by Henry in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. If he is caught committing a crime, he will be arrested by a local guard or bailiff.

In some situations, Henry can use his Speech, Charisma or Strength skills to get away with committing crimes, especially when dealing with lower ranking guards. Otherwise, he can pay a fine, go to jail, or attempt to flee. In addition, the guards will search him and confiscate any stolen goods.

Over time, people will grow to fear and hate Henry if he is known to be a criminal, and his reputation will be lowered. In addition, you will get the Released Prisoner debuff, which lowers his Strength, Agility and Vitality.


Crime Description Fine (Prague Groschen) Jailtime
Animal Abuse Attacking someone else's domestic animal 80 5 days
Assault Attacking someone 200 10 days
Breach of Curfew Caught out after dark without a torch 10 1 day
Discharge of a Weapon Firing an arrow at (or near) someone 200 10 days
Lockpicking Picking a lock 300 10 days
Murder Killing someone N/A 6 days
Pickpocketing Picking someone's pocket 60 1 day
Stealing Looting unconscious/dead non-bandit bodies 60 18 hours
Trespassing Being in a private or forbidden area 15 1 day


Codex tutorial icon.png Crime and Reputation

For the General Codex entry, see Crime and Punishment.

All your actions have an impact on the way the people around you react to you. You can see the status of your reputation in the Player tab in the Reputation sub-tab. The better your reputation, the more friendly and helpful behaviour you can expect from others; people will talk to you more willingly, be easier to persuade or bribe and will offer you better prices in trade.

Reputation low.png
Reputation average.png
Reputation high.png

Your reputation will be monitored in individual locations and you will see how it stands with the various factions of people you meet in each location by clicking on them. Every NPC belongs to at least one factions (sometimes to several at once) and you can be sure he or she will spread the word in the community about your good or bad behaviour.

Apart from your reputation in various parts of the world, your relations with particular individuals is also important. If you do or say something to please or offend a particular person, they will treat you differently that [sic] the others in their faction(s).

Your reputation falls not only when you commit crimes or other unchristian deeds, but also when you intimidate people, refuse requests or lie to them (if you get caught out, of course!). You can restore your good name by helping the person in question or someone close to them, by paying generously or selling cheap in trades. If all else fails, time heals all wounds and people will eventually forget their grievances.

Crime and Punishment

All infringements of the law are punished and the severity of the punishment fits the crime. Theft will land you a fat fine and confiscation of the loot, while a killing will incur a much severer penalty. The nature of the penalty is shown by the icon next to the compass at the top of the screen:

[missing 2 images: search and seizure icon; arrest icon]

If someone sees you committing a crime, but you don't get caught, you're still not in the clear. Witnesses will remember you and if you return to the scene of the crime, there's a strong chance the guards will still be on the lookout for you and will continue to pursue you. This is indicated by the punishment icon reappearing next to the compass on your return.

When the catchpoles catch you, unless they want to kill you outright, they will confiscate all your loot and impose a penalty for all your known infringements of the law. Once you accept your punishment, all your known felonies in the location will be deleted. If you find the punishment too harsh, you can try talking your way out of it. And if that doesn't work, you can always resist arrest or take to your heels. Although once you take that course of action, the guards will take a harsher approach and try to stop you by force.

Your last option is to accept a jail sentence and serve the time for your crime. The downside to that is that rotting in a dungeon won't do you much good.

The best way to avoid confrontation with the law is to keep your nose clean. And if you can't be good, at least be careful - don't get caught and don't leave witnesses.

Stolen Goods

Stolen goods you're carrying are marked in your inventory as such.

[missing image: item icon marked with stolen indicator]

If a guard finds them on you, he'll always confiscate them. That can't happen if you're arrested or even during a routine search at the town gate during troubled times.

Selling stolen goods to a dealer is another matter. There's not much chance of anyone recognising a stolen apple or cabbage, but if you steal the Rattay Bailiff's gold chain, it will stand out like a sore thumb not only in Rattay, but also for miles around. Whether your loot is recognised also depends on how close to the scene of the theft you try to sell it and how recently it was stolen. Once enough time goes by, people will forget about the stolen item even at the scene of the crime and may buy it back from you. So, the more valuable and rare a stolen item is, the further away and the later you sell it, the better.

If your loot is really hot, it's best to go to a known fence. For example, the millers have a reputation for being mixed up in shady deals.

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