Charcoal-Burner Havel is a charcoal-burner who, along with his assistant, plies their trade near the pillory of Silver Skalitz.

While he does not sell anything to Henry directly, his assistant does.


Havel lives in a whitewashed house inside the walls of Skalitz, near the northern gate.

He sweet talks the important customers such as Tobias, and leaves his helper to deal with the smaller clients like Henry and the other villagers.

During Unexpected Visit, Havel can be seen having a conversation with Tobias:

-Welcome, Master Tobias!
-God be with you, Havel! How goes trade?
-Well, well! And now I see you, I hope it will go even better. Are you here to buy?
-Indeed I am, or I'll have nothing to smelt the ore with and the King won't get his silver.
-Haha! Which king do you mean Master Tobias? The one sitting in some godforsaken dungeon or the one who holds the key to the dungeon?
-These are strange times. Strange and ill-omened. But since I serve our liege lord, Sir Radzig, I think you know the anwser.
-True, but where will Sir Radzig take the silver? Hardly to Kuttenberg, now its citizens bend their knees to Sigismund.
-Fortunately that's not my problem. Perhaps Sir Radzig is keeping it at the castle until this whole unhappy story reaches its end.
-I only hope Sigismund doesn't get an appetite for our silver too.
-That makes two of us. But back to business... I'll need three wagonloads.
-I see your people are working hard. You'll have it tomorrow. Shall we go and drink to the deal?
-With pleasure, Goodman.

After which the two go to the tavern to have a drink at the same table where Vanyek sits.

Unfortunately, during the Sack of Skalitz by King Sigismund of Luxembourg, he is killed while he is trying to escape from the village. His body is later found by Henry during Homecoming lying on the road.



  • One of his line talking to Tobias is a foreshadow of the soon-to-come attack: "I only hope Sigismund doesn't get an appetite for our silver too."
  • He will only ever give one line of dialogue to Henry: "Can you not see I'm busy with Master Feyfar here? If it's charcoal you want, lad, go and talk to my helper."
  • Henry will remark: "Sweet Jesus, it's the carcoal burner..." stumbling upon Havel's corpse during Homecoming.


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