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The Bouche shield is a weapon in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It is held in Henry's off hand and classified as an shield. It comes in three varieties.

Shields are used in conjunction with with short weapons such as an axe or shortsword, with the shield covering the left hand and forearm, while the striking weapon is in the right hand (Henry is right-handed). 


A shield is especially suited for use with short weapons. There are countless shapes and sizes of shields, but the heater ('shield-shapes') shield is one of the most common. In addition to its defensive function, it also carries the owner's colours, revealing whether the bearer is a nobleman or a member of a lord's garrison or town militia.

How to Obtain[]

  • 3-Bull variant
    • Found on heavily armored, high leveled bandits.
  • Crest variant
    • Found on heavily armored, high leveled bandits.
  • Lords of Leipa variant


  • Bouche shields are the best shields in the entire game.
    • With the addition of From the Ashes DLC, the best shield in the game is the Boarback shield, but it is not as readily available as these shields, and the difference in stats is rather minute.
    • A decorative variant in the Lords of Leipa version can be found in the Rattay Baliff's bedroom.