The Baths of Rattay is a location in Rattay, run by the Bathhouse Proprietor. There, weary travelers can find willing Bathmaids who can heal their wounds, launder their clothes, and run them a hot bath.

Bathhouses also offer a prostitution service, and the girls can be hired to ... "satisfy" the needs of any gentlemen willing to pay, resulting in the Alpha Male buff. Henry can also have his hair and beard trimmed here.

There is Marathon skill books inside the bathhouse, once you are "satisfied".



Cost Perks
Hot bath and clothes laundered 10 Prague Groschen -
Wounds healed: 20 Prague Groschen -
Hot bath, clothes laundered and wounds healed 30 Prague Groschen -
Services of a bathmaid, including bath, laundry and healing: 40 Prague Groschen Alpha Male
Get a haircut: 20 Prague Groschen Freshly shorn
Get a shave 15 Prague Groschen Freshly shorn


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Bathmaid 2
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