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Animal Husbandry is a General Codex entry in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Domestic Animals were livestock kept for meat, wool, eggs, or transport. Kingdom Come: Deliverance features sheeps, pigs, cowss and chickens. As these animals belonged to the citizens of the various towns, Henry can be punished for killing or even attacking them - and any meat, pelts or offal will be counted as stolen. However, once cooked they are untraceable.

See also dogs, horses, and wild animals.

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In the Middle Ages a significant part of any property ownership consisted of livestock: horses, goats, cattle and poultry. Horses were highly prized, and until the 12th century were only available for the nobility for military purposes and for light hauling. The change came in the 12th and 13th centuries, when horses came to be used for transport and tillage.

In Bohemia, horses began to be shod from the 11th and 12th century - up to the 13th only as a rule on the front hooves, and later, when horses were used for heavier work, on all four.

Almost every serf in the Middle Ages would prefer to own a cow than a piece of arable land, so even some landless folk had access to food by way of milk. Curiously enough, in the Middle Ages milk and dairy goods were not traded much — for one thing, many people had a cow of their own, but also because no effective means of milk and dairy product preservation was yet known.

Sheep were kept by both serfs and the upper classes, largely for their wool. The poorest often kept a goat for milk and cheese.

Pigs were left to forage in the woods all year round, feeding on beechnuts and acorns. Medieval pigs were much like wild boar and had little in common with today's pink animals.

The most commonly kept poultry were chickens, and only rarely geese or ducks.

All cattle grazed freely on the meadows around the village. In heavy winters the livestock was kept inside the house, even sharing the same room with the people and serving as a source of heat.

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