An Alchemist's bench is an object in Kingdom Come: Deliverance which you can use to do alchemy - make potions and look at information about Herbs (if you can read). They are all owned by a different Herbalists, who sell ingredients and recipes.


  • Herbarium - two-part tome that lists all the herbal ingredients and potion recipes required to do alchemy.
  • Potion Base Shelf - shelf holding the 4 different bases required for brewing potions: aqua (water), vinum (wine), oleum (oil), and spiritus (spirits).
  • Ingredients Shelf - shelf holding selected herbal and exotic ingredients.
  • Mortar & Pestle - apparatus for grinding herbs.
  • Dish - vessel used for holding herbs from the Ingredients Shelf or herbs that have previously been ground in the Mortar & Pestle.
  • Sandglass - measures the time of a single burn cycle (approximately 10 seconds).
  • Bellows - stokes the flames needed to heat the Cauldron and the Still.
  • Cauldron - vessel used for combining and heating all the ingredients for brewing a potion.
  • Phial - vessel used for storing the final product of a brewing process either by collecting the fluid from the Cauldron or the Still.
  • Still - heats fluids transferred from the Cauldron in order to create distilled vapors before collecting in a Phial.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. The base must be poured into the cauldron first. Anything else but the bellows and the sandglass cannot be selected.
  2. Select your ingredients and herbs from your inventory to place them on the ingredient shelf according to your recipe.
  3. Put your ingredients in the cauldron, where appropriate.
  4. If the recipe demands it, grind them in the mortar and pestle. Multiple herbs can be selected into the mortar.
  5. Add them in the cauldron.
  6. Select the bellows to begin brewing. Use the sandglass to measure the burning cycle.
  7. Grab a phial.
  8. Distill the contents of the cauldron into the flask so that the end product would be poured into the phial, or can simply be poured directly from the cauldron.


There are eight Alchemist's benches in game.


  • The symbols of the four potion bases are based from the Hermetic symbols of alchemy; aqua symbolises water ( 🜄 ), vinium symbolises earth ( 🜃 ), oleum symbolises fire ( 🜂 ), and spiritus symbolises air ( 🜁 ).

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