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A Woman's Lot is the fourth and final DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, following From the Ashes, The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon, and Band of Bastards. It is free to early Kickstarter backers of the vanilla game. It allows one to relive the Attack on Skalitz from the perspective of Theresa, and assist Johanka, plagued by terrifying visions.


In the fourth DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you can experience two standalone series of quests.

In "A Woman's Lot", you play as Theresa accompanied by her loyal dog Tinker in a standalone questline. You will experience ordinary life in Skalitz and later witness the fateful events of Sigismund's raid and its aftermath from a wholly different perspective. "A Woman's Lot" provides the last piece of the puzzle in the Skalitz story, as you find out what happened just before Henry is found unconscious.

In The Madonna of Sasau, Henry has to help Johanka, and old friend from Skalitz who survived the massacre and took refuge in Sasau Monastery, to overcome the terrifying nightmares that have recently plagued her. Henry will need to visit the places revealed in Johanka's visions and find out what’s really behind them. Then he will help her with her new calling. Neither Henry nor Johanka knows what that will demand of them or what end it will ultimately lead to…


The DLC adds multiple new features to the game, first is the introduction of the houndmaster skill, which gives Henry the ability to bring Mutt with him on his travels. Mutt can hunt, search for interesting spots and even attack enemies as a distraction with the right perks. This provides Henry with the closest thing to a fellow companion on the road. As a side effect, dogs can now attack Henry if they turn hostile.

The main features however being the two questlines added by the DLC, Theresa's and Johanka's. While Johanka's questline is more traditional, and similar to the quests of The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon, Theresa's questline changes from the regular quests as you get to control Theresa instead of Henry when she recalls in a flashback her side of the story of the Sack of Skalitz.


Jokanka's questline[]

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Theresa's questline[]

This questline is unlocked after completing Awakening.

By speaking to Theresa at Peshek's mill, Henry can question her about what happened in Skalitz concerning the Cuman invasion, from her account and view. This dialogue option is preceded by an icon that signifies to players it will trigger her quests, of which there is no return until they are finished.

While playing as Theresa, there are not so many differences in gameplay, only in how exactly you go about playing. Theresa is awful in combat, as she is neither strong or experienced, but she does have decent speech, all things considered, and she has Tinker by her side, whom she can command to attack or seek out interesting sites.

List of things Theresa cannot do:

Though not necessary for beating this DLC, the side quests might unlock additional skills, grant access to new items or weapons, and more options for dialogues.

One key difference while playing as Theresa, is that time does not pass, as such, players can focus on the quests and side quests, without issue of time constraints.

Main quests[]

Side quests[]